MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: Beach Fatigue

Garage, surf-rockers Beach Fatigue from Swansea are the latest act appearing at this year’s Focus Wales who are on our lips at the moment and by the sounds of it their set will be one not to be missed.

I spoke to Bill from the band about Focus Wales and their exciting plans for this year

MIMR: One of the many top acts playing Focus Wales this year are on MIMR right now, Beach Fatigue. Who are you and how would you best describe your music?

Bill: We are a band from Swansea and were previously known as Heavy Petting Zoo. But as we no longer wished to be associated with that terrible NOFX album we thought it would be best to change our name. Our music has elements of surf and garage rock guitars and rhythms and some strong vocals from singer Amy. I think a good comparison we’ve had was something along the lines of “The Cramps vs. Siouxsie Sioux”.


MIMR: Its been exciting start to 2016 for the band with the release of your debut record, tell us all about the making of it and was it all plain sailing?

Bill: It feels like we made the record quite a while ago – and a lot of the songs are a few years old, but it was great to finally get them released. We recorded with the producer Charlie Francis who had also worked with artists like Future of the Left, Sweet Baboo and even with REM. Being in the studio was a lot of fun – where quite a few new ideas and parts were created and added to the existing material. Sadly Amy was out with a cold for some of the recording dates so a lot of vocals had to be added at a later date, I think that was the only downside. Having previously only recorded a handful of singles once or twice at a time, it was great to spend a few days with a load of material and to create an album was always an aim of ours.


MIMR: Really looking forward to watching you at Focus Wales in May, what can we expect from a Beach Fatigue live show?

Bill: A Beach Fatigue show will consist of 25-30 minutes of our faster and more lively songs being played by four glasses-wearing boys and girls. Amy may or may not attempt to steal all pairs of glasses at some stage of the gig – threatening to bring the whole performance crashing down. Everything is a bit louder and aggressive when played live – so if you like that side to our music then you’re in for a treat!

MIMR: Whats the plan for the rest of 2016 for the band then?

Bill: We’re still booking gigs for the rest of the year and have at least one unreleased song which we hope to release sometime in the summer. After Focus Wales we’ll be playing Strange Daze – a psych festival in Cardiff at the end of May. We also hope to be playing a show in our hometown of Swansea in a skatepark. That should be fun! But we’ll definitely be working on playing more gigs in new territories.


MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, the album is a delightful listen. Where can we check up on what your up to and listen to some of your music?

Bill: Thank you for having us! Our album is available to stream on Spotify and download from iTunes, and you can get a nice 12″ vinyl version from:  https://beachfatigue.bandcamp.com and you can follow us for updates via @beachfatigue or https://facebook.com/beachfatigue


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