MIMR Playlist April 27th

Seazoo ‘Pictures’

First up on this week’s Playlist are our good friends on MIMR, wrexham favourite guitar-pop chaps Seazoo with a track from their brand new EP ‘Jumbo’ released April 25th. Its a resounding effort with some of their best work so far being produced and its the perfect follow up to last year’s ‘Car Deborah’ record. The finale of the 4 track EP is glowing, fuzzy affair with infectious riffs, hypnotising synths and Ben’s superb vocals, it makes for a killer tune. Catch Seazoo at a festival near you in the coming months, this includes this year’s Focus Wales in few weeks, now thats ‘Jumbo’ size news.


TV Sets ‘These Rifle Years’

All the way to Toronto, Canada is the next stop on this week’s Playlist with TV Sets making their mark on the blog with the title track from their new EP. These Rifle Years is a stunning screenshot of what the synth-pop trio are all about and was released April 18th for all of us to rave about. The title track has elements of shoegaze inter-twined with mesmerising synths and dreamy guitars to boot. The EP will be on repeat here at MIMR for a while and it should be yours, get in the groove and have a listen!


Cabbage ‘Kevin’

We return to Manchester for the next track from Post-punk 5 piece Cabbage who are certainly not hanging around in spreading their musical talent around the rest of the UK. This opening track from debut EP released earlier this year is a punk-pop racket with a endearing quality that is hard to knock. Pulsating guitars and captivating vocals grasp you from the word go. MIMR is ready for one hell of a ride and their Manchester headline show next month is where its going to be at!


Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

Prepared to be blown away by this next act on MIMR Playlist, with indie rock trio Sly Antics bringing the gusto with their energetic and enthralling new EP ‘Captive City’. The title track is a deluge of thumping beats, crushing guitars and tight vocals that make you wanting more. The next Manchester band to set their sights on bigger and better things and Sly Antics have it all to go very far. Their special EP launch gig on June 3rd at Manchester Ritz is a date to put in your diary for sure!


Twin Visions ‘Only Right’

Finally on this week’s Playlist are another great find recently on the blog, indie rock trio Twin Visions with their brilliant track ‘Only Right’. Heavily Influenced by a American rock sound – think Pavement and Sebadoh and your right on the mark, and having only played one gig so far where they supported the fantastic Pinact recently, its amazing that they have already achieved a sound of a band that have been around for years. Clashing symbols and superb riffs are accompanied by impressive vocals, lets just say one of their gigs is a must sooner rather later!


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