MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: Campfire Social

Following up from some already quality acts i’ve featured on the blog in recent weeks in this series of Focus Wales previews, we have the fantastic Campfire Social, who have charmed their way onto MIMR.

The Sunshine-pop band from Wrexham grace the blog once again ahead of their appearance at Focus in a few weeks, here’s what they had to say.

MIMR: Chuffed to have a ray of sunshine on the blog with the sweet sounds of Campfire Social, how are you?

CS: Very good Thank You, thanks for including us.


MIMR: Are you looking forward to playing once again at this year’s Focus Wales?

CS: Yeh definitely. This will be our second time at focus as campfire social but our first time comfortably. Last years focus was pretty much our first and last outing of that year until late October, a test run if you will. Spent a lot of time getting out of old habits and trying to create something removed from our previous bands. Making plenty of mistakes along the way.  But we’re mid way through recording our next release and I’m feeling like this years focus will be a good kick off point for a new year of campfire social.

MIMR: With the summer just around the corner, what activities would you partake in on a perfect sunny day?

CS: Band practice/BBQ everyday, a tour, a bit of wakeboarding and some trips to the beach. Is how the summer plays out in my head but in truth it’ll be work, work, practice gig, work.


MIMR: Great to check in with you guys once again on MIMR, all the best in 2016. Where’s the best place to check-in on your latest news?

CS: Thanks! Either Twitter or Facebook I suppose that’s what’s getting updated the most, anything worth seeing will at least get linked from either of those sites.

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