MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales: The Roseville Band

Welsh Alt-rockers The Roseville Band have matured into a force to be reckoned with and their appearance at Focus next month is highly anticipated by many. Having spent time in north America touring in recent years they are certainly turning a lot more heads and 2016 looks set to be one to remember.


MIMR was lucky to get a few words with Andy (lead vocals/Guitar) about the year ahead for the band and their show in Wrexham in a few weeks time.

MIMR: Its a pleasure to have The Roseville Band on MIMR, looking forward to what 2016 will hold for you guys, what plans do you have then?

Andy: thanks, and yeah, we’re really excited for the year ahead, it’s shaping up to be a busy one. We’re releasing the first single – ‘Order’ – from our new album BLOOD on 3rd June, and we have a bunch of things we’ll be announcing around that release, which I’ll keep under my hat for now. After that, we’ll be heading out on a two week tour around Europe in the autumn, ahead of the album release in October. We’ll also be doing a select run of UK dates around that too.


MIMR: Focus Wales is fast approaching and your headlining a pretty impressive line-up at Undegun, are you anticipating a very special show?

Andy: I’m really looking forward to it. The way things have worked out for us these past few years, spending so much of our time in North America, as exciting as that’s been, we’ve been wanting to spend more time gigging in the UK, and of course in Wales. So it’s gonna be fun to play the show, and we’re looking forward to playing alongside some great bands on the night.

MIMR: What other acts playing the festival would you pick out to follow in Wrexham next month?

MIMR: around the festival, it’s difficult to pick favourites, with so many great and interesting bands… but I’m looking forward to catching Kagoule, The Joy Formidable, Hippies Vs Ghosts, H. Hawkline, Meilyr Jones, and Johnny Lloyd too. I could go on… I try to catch as many bands as possible, and there’s always a few surprises. It’s all about darting around the different venues and getting involved.


MIMR: You’ve received many plaudits and played shows in North America in recent years, what other parts of the world would you like to visit as a band?

Andy: I’d really like for the band to get out to Japan with this new LP. We’ve made a nice connection with the band Moja from Tokyo, and it would be awesome to go out there and play a run of shows together.


MIMR: Been a pleasure to have spoken to you on the blog today, cant wait for your performance at Focus, do any of the band get any pre-gig nerves at all?

Andy: Thanks. Not really, but I think all bands hate the waiting around, and we’re no different on that, but more than anything, there’s always a sense of excitement, and wanting to get on and play. That’s the fun bit.

This is where and when to catch the guys at Focus Wales this year:


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