MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales: Seazoo

They’re back and ready to please us once again at Focus Wales, its the wonderful Seazoo and they have some mew music to share with us too. The guitar pop 5-piece from Wrexham unveil the new record this week (April 25th) and is the follow up to last year’s excellent ‘Car Deborah’ EP which was a MIMR favourite for sure

MIMR got the latest news from the band ahead of their set at Focus Wales this year

MIMR: Back on the blog are the excellent Seazoo, great to have you once again, tell us all about your new record?

Seazoo: JUMBO is our new 4 song EP out April 25th. Once again, recorded ourselves, mostly at home. Slight change of approach this time though as we took our equipment to a studio in Radnorshire to record the drums. It’s getting a bit much for our lovely neighbours to keep recording drums in the front room! It’s actually the first time Steff’s played the drums ‘properly’ on a Seazoo record, as opposed to keeping the volume down, surrounded by cushions and sleeping bags!


MIMR: Everyone is looking forward to Focus Wales which is nearly upon us. Your set last year was one the most memorable ones of the festival, what can we expect from you guys this time round?

Seazoo: Well we’re playing in St Giles this year, completely different venue (sit down affair in a church). Never done anything like this before so we’ll probably just turn the amps down a bit.


MIMR: What other acts playing this year’s Focus are you making a b-line to watch?

Seazoo: Well we’re supporting Gwenno which is exciting so we’ll be sure to watch her.

Joy Formidable I’ve only seen once before so be keen to watch them again and then loads more but to name a few, Meilyr Jones, Chupa Cabra, Castles, Trecco Beis and all the Wrexham bands of course!


MIMR: Thanks once again for alpearing on the blog, have a great Foxlcus and hope everything goes well with the record, where will be able to hear this when released?

Seazoo: It’ll be here:- https://seazoo.bandcamp.com

TA x

Seazoo support Gwenno at Focus Wales, here are all the details


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