MIMR Playlist April 21st

The Assist ‘Things Get Good’

This week’s playlist begins with spritely, young indie quartet The Assist from Walsall. This track is taken from their new EP ‘Trouble’ released today (April 21st) and is a joyous tune. Being 3 years in the making and their biggest project to date, the EP is sure to be success, infectious guitar riffs and groovy beats ensure a pleasant, easy on the ears experience. Look out for these chaps in 2016, full speed ahead.

Trecco Beis ‘Hummingbird’

Next up are Welsh Fuzz-pop band Trecco Beis with their delightful debut 7″ single ‘Hummingbird’ which is accompanied by B-side track ‘Sofia’. Now residing in London Trecco Beis convey jazzy melodies and a heavily 60s influenced sound to a tee which are sure to get you tapping them feet. The good news is they are heading to Focus Wales next month and are sure to be up there as a glittering highlight of the festival, guaranteed!

Peach Club ‘My Best Friend’

Bringing bit of a fiery attitude to the Playlist are female, punk-rockers Peach Club with a thrilling exerpt from their new EP ‘The Bitch Diaries’ which was released earlier this month (2nd April). The riot-girl group from Norwich supply rebellious, edgy vocals in the bucket loads and cutting riffs that are hard to resist. MIMR has certainly favourited a fair few female bands in 2016 and the noise that Peach Club make it hard to shake off but neither would you want to, give them a listen!

Wake Island ‘Never Entirely There’

Lebanese, electro-rock duo Wake Island from Montreal have been one of MIMR key new finds of 2016 and they are sure to have a very busy year. This popular track was released as a single back in March and is included on their upcoming album ‘Out’ due with us on April 29th. This release is conjoined by a trip to UK next month for a series of dates including Focus Wales and a highly anticipated Manchester date later in the month. Uplifting dancy beats and smooth synths make for a infectious blend of electro rock which is quite something. Be mesemerised by Wake Island at a venue near you next month!

Sprinters ‘Good Years’

Finally on this week’s Playlist are a band recently discovered and featured on MIMR who are set for bigger things on the local scene and beyond. Dream-pop four-piece Sprinters came to MIMR attention in the build up to last week’s RSD gig at The Deaf Institute with Horsebeach/Church Party and Move. Jangly guitars, disorted vocals and all round, feel good, summery moods are created with excellent results. And to the few people that got to The Deaf early last saturday, we salute you, you were served the perfect appetiser.

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