MIMR Band Chat: Move

MIMR newest top Manchester band to hit the blog are Post-punk foursome Move. Plenty of chance to see them play live at a venue near you in 2016 and your sure to be excited by their hard hitting tunes

I spoke to the band ahead of some pretty special shows and they’re summer festival essentials.

MIMR: Its great to have Move on MIMR. How’s everything? What exciting antics are you guys up to at the moment then?

Move: We are all great cheers. We’re just getting ready for our RSD after party with Piccadilly records. Playing with some great bands like Horsebeach and BLOOMS. Then we are playing at SFTOC which is for me, one of the best days of the year! We’ve purposefully scheduled our show early so that we can enjoy the day. Also we have just put a track  FEVER on our soundcloud – its been going down well at gigs recently so its great to get it out.

MIMR: You’ve got some exciting live shows coming up, what’s the best thing about playing live?

Move: We love the shows – getting to play through a loud sound system is always a buzz. Drinking beers whilst playing and chatting with everyone after the show- is always good.

MIMR: Whats your favourite hangout for gigs in Manchester?

Move: We’re a big fans of Islington Mill. Its always great when a band we like plays there – a real event. Albert Hall can be unbelievable if you get a good spec. We recently did a gig at The Old Pint Pot with The Showers which was really good. The sound was great and so were the burgers – competition at the pool table always gets heated mind hahaha.

MIMR: What bands have influenced your music the most?

Move: We’re all fans of lots of different music bands we’ve talked about alot would be stuff like interpol, Gang of four, Ought, Television, The Clash, Liquid Liquid, Lcd Soundsystem, The Rapture, Viet Cong, The Strokes, Parquet Courts, QOTSA, Deerhunter plus alot of Hip Hop. The list goes on and on and on and on…

MIMR: What’s the best way to keep updated with everthing the band are up to?

Move:   If you go to soundcloud.com/movemanchester you can find our other pages from there. Plus we have few DIY vids on youtube.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, we look forward to featuring you again in 2016, with the festival season coming up what would be your essential items to survive a weekend of live music and the more than likely bad weather?

Move: Shades- everything seems brighter through them including the weather. Also an ice box. A cold beer has infinite worth in the makeshift festival economy and if you can save some til Sunday you’ve hit the jackpot – its a sellers market.

Check out some tuneage here:


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