MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales: Winter Coat

In the latest Band Chat with one of the many acts playing this years Focus Wales Festival, welsh Dream Pop pedlars Winter Coat aim to excite us in Wrexham next month and we can hardly wait.

I spoke to the band about the festival and the summer ahead

MIMR: Happy to have Winter Coat on MIMR, So how’s it going? What’s the latest with the band?

WC: It’s going great, we’ve started booking up live dates for the Summer. We’ve had a bit of a break from playing live as our previous guitarist left but we’ve finally found a new guitarist after searching for bloody ages! His name is Phil and he’s got a super sweet guitar sound so we’re really happy to have found him. We’re also in the process of writing some new material and working on visuals for our summer live dates.


MIMR: MIMR really enjoyed the ‘Drifting’ EP from last year, are you happy with how it was received?

WC: The ‘Drifting’ EP launch show was a great success so that was a shock seeing as we were fully expecting to play to about 5 people! But the show was practically sold out which was awesome.  The EP itself seems to have been well received – it’s got some decent radio play and press coverage and we always sell a few copies at gigs (still got a few to shift though!).


MIMR: What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played as a band?

WC: Well unfortunately we haven’t been able to play half as many shows as we would have liked due to the change in personnel, however our first gig playing with Australian band Whitaker was pretty sick, and as we mentioned the EP launch was really good. Also a show at the Masons Arms in Llanelli was pretty memorable although that was probably for all the wrong reasons!


MIMR: With your much anticipated set at Focus Wales just around the corner, what’s the best thing about playing a festival?

WC: It’s great to have the opportunity to have your music heard by a new bunch of people, both other musicians and music fans that we probably wouldn’t get to play to otherwise. It’s also a great way to see loads of other bands ourselves without having to buy a ticket!


MIMR: Thank you very much for chatting to MIMR, looking forward to catching you at Focus, do you guys have any pre-gig routines or supersitutions?

WC: Can’t think of any rituals as such, although Jonny our drummer has a strict two pint limit before playing or his drumsticks start flying, so keep an eye on him before our set please!

Winter Coat play Central Station Venue, 5.30pm on Sat 14th May

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