MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales: Mumbleman

Next up in MIMR’s Focus Wales 2016 previews are Fuzz-Rockers Mumbleman. The trio from Cardiff have been very busy already in 2016 and they’re set at Focus Wales is up there as one of the most anticipated ones of the 4 day festival.

MIMR got a few words with the band about they’re plans and the joys of playing live

MIMR: Great to have Mumbleman on the blog, what have you guys been up to then?

Mumbleman: Recording mainly! Exciting times for us at the mo. We’re releasing a song a month for 4 months. All free to download. The first 1 came in March and the last one will be released early in June. They’re going down well so far and getting some radio play which is nice.


MIMR: What’s the best thing about playing Live?

Mumbleman: You can’t beat playing live really can you?  Love playing a song that started as a riff or a jam and feeling it develop into a full tune and then blasting it out live


MIMR: Whats been your favourite gig venue you’ve played?

Mumbleman: We love Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff. The sound and feel of the place is always great. We’ve seen lots of ace bands there so it makes playing there very special.

MIMR: With Focus Wales just around the corner, what can we expect to see from your set in Wrexham?

Mumbleman: We’re gonna be loud! We’re debuting the new songs at Focus so we’re doubly excited about playing. They’re sitting very nicely in the set.


MIMR: Thanks for being on MIMR, what other gig dates do you have planned?

Mumbleman: Pleasure. We’re playing Nozstock Festival in Herefordshire in July which looks ace and we have a couple of localish shows in the pipeline including a great festival in Cardiff called HUB fest. Cardiff’s got a great gig scene. We’ll be looking to come back up north very soon


Mumbleman play Central Station Venue, 8.20pm on Saturday 14th May

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