MIMR Playlist: April 6th

After a short break MIMR Playlist is back and this selection of tracks is the perfect way to return to business, with a mix of familiar faces to the blog as well as some got new acts who look set to make 2016 their own, enjoy!

Kidsmoke ‘Heartache’

Back on the playlist and once again with flying colours are the brilliant Kidsmoke with their latest track ‘Heartache’ which is another example of the wrexham’s band growing presence to write a more than pleasing piece of work.  Hot on the heels from the super ‘Cut Yourself Loose’ this track hits new heights, pounding bass lines, glowing lyrics and some gripping melodies that make you instantly tap repeat. With increasing press attention and a number of exciting dates in Manchester coming up as well as Focus Wales, its for all to see that the band are soaring at the moment, the sky’s the limit and thats something worth punching the air for


Peaness ‘Oh George’

One of MIMR favourite new finds of 2016 are Indie-pop trio Peaness and this is  another gem of a track as they continue their forceful journey to bigger things, this is very good evidence that will happen. Infectious vocals, delightful riffs and an intelligent songwriting style, which is a joy to listen to. The girls are now spreading their wings around and performances at Focus Wales in May and Manchester fast approaching, a lot more people are getting on their side, its the best place to be


TVAM ‘Gas and Air’

TVAM aka Joe Oxley has made great strides in 2016 with increased radio attention of his impressive musical projects which cover all aspects that can make music a fulfilling experience. Gas and Air is released April 15th and after the success of ‘Porsche Majeure’ (one of MIMR fave tracks) its a mesmerising journey from start to finish. Disorted vocals mixed with devastingly good synths make for a experience which is hard to rathom, other than brilliance! Upwards and onwards Joe


Trash ‘Workout’

Another new find on MIMR  this year are Chesterfield young Pop-punk group Trash with another enjoyable nugget of blissful sounds making you sway care-free and forget your troubles. Piercing, infectious vocals, coupled with a rich array of harmonies and you have a essential track for any summer playlist. We might not have the weather for a sweet summer but we have bands like Trash that can make us pretend that we can get that barbecue out and party, i’ll bring the beers!


Suns Of Thyme ‘Do or Die’

We conclude this week’s Playlist with a piece of Krautgaze from Berlin with this 5 piece Suns Of Thyme fully deserving their inclusion on today selection. You might be thinking what is Krautgaze? well its the perfect mix of Kraut-Rock, Psych and Shoegaze, all styles that MIMR has grown to adore in recent times. Signed to Napalm Records and with huge potential to go places, they release their new album ‘Cascades’ on 21st May and ‘Do or Die’ is the 1st track on this record. Haunting vocals and mesmerising Psychedelic tones make for a elcetic sound which realy grabs your attention and makes you speechless, this album is going to be a bit special


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