MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: Beach Fatigue

Garage, surf-rockers Beach Fatigue from Swansea are the latest act appearing at this year’s Focus Wales who are on our lips at the moment and by the sounds of it their set will be one not to be missed.

I spoke to Bill from the band about Focus Wales and their exciting plans for this year

MIMR: One of the many top acts playing Focus Wales this year are on MIMR right now, Beach Fatigue. Who are you and how would you best describe your music?

Bill: We are a band from Swansea and were previously known as Heavy Petting Zoo. But as we no longer wished to be associated with that terrible NOFX album we thought it would be best to change our name. Our music has elements of surf and garage rock guitars and rhythms and some strong vocals from singer Amy. I think a good comparison we’ve had was something along the lines of “The Cramps vs. Siouxsie Sioux”.


MIMR: Its been exciting start to 2016 for the band with the release of your debut record, tell us all about the making of it and was it all plain sailing?

Bill: It feels like we made the record quite a while ago – and a lot of the songs are a few years old, but it was great to finally get them released. We recorded with the producer Charlie Francis who had also worked with artists like Future of the Left, Sweet Baboo and even with REM. Being in the studio was a lot of fun – where quite a few new ideas and parts were created and added to the existing material. Sadly Amy was out with a cold for some of the recording dates so a lot of vocals had to be added at a later date, I think that was the only downside. Having previously only recorded a handful of singles once or twice at a time, it was great to spend a few days with a load of material and to create an album was always an aim of ours.


MIMR: Really looking forward to watching you at Focus Wales in May, what can we expect from a Beach Fatigue live show?

Bill: A Beach Fatigue show will consist of 25-30 minutes of our faster and more lively songs being played by four glasses-wearing boys and girls. Amy may or may not attempt to steal all pairs of glasses at some stage of the gig – threatening to bring the whole performance crashing down. Everything is a bit louder and aggressive when played live – so if you like that side to our music then you’re in for a treat!

MIMR: Whats the plan for the rest of 2016 for the band then?

Bill: We’re still booking gigs for the rest of the year and have at least one unreleased song which we hope to release sometime in the summer. After Focus Wales we’ll be playing Strange Daze – a psych festival in Cardiff at the end of May. We also hope to be playing a show in our hometown of Swansea in a skatepark. That should be fun! But we’ll definitely be working on playing more gigs in new territories.


MIMR: Thanks for being on the blog, the album is a delightful listen. Where can we check up on what your up to and listen to some of your music?

Bill: Thank you for having us! Our album is available to stream on Spotify and download from iTunes, and you can get a nice 12″ vinyl version from:  https://beachfatigue.bandcamp.com and you can follow us for updates via @beachfatigue or https://facebook.com/beachfatigue


MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: Campfire Social

Following up from some already quality acts i’ve featured on the blog in recent weeks in this series of Focus Wales previews, we have the fantastic Campfire Social, who have charmed their way onto MIMR.

The Sunshine-pop band from Wrexham grace the blog once again ahead of their appearance at Focus in a few weeks, here’s what they had to say.

MIMR: Chuffed to have a ray of sunshine on the blog with the sweet sounds of Campfire Social, how are you?

CS: Very good Thank You, thanks for including us.


MIMR: Are you looking forward to playing once again at this year’s Focus Wales?

CS: Yeh definitely. This will be our second time at focus as campfire social but our first time comfortably. Last years focus was pretty much our first and last outing of that year until late October, a test run if you will. Spent a lot of time getting out of old habits and trying to create something removed from our previous bands. Making plenty of mistakes along the way.  But we’re mid way through recording our next release and I’m feeling like this years focus will be a good kick off point for a new year of campfire social.

MIMR: With the summer just around the corner, what activities would you partake in on a perfect sunny day?

CS: Band practice/BBQ everyday, a tour, a bit of wakeboarding and some trips to the beach. Is how the summer plays out in my head but in truth it’ll be work, work, practice gig, work.


MIMR: Great to check in with you guys once again on MIMR, all the best in 2016. Where’s the best place to check-in on your latest news?

CS: Thanks! Either Twitter or Facebook I suppose that’s what’s getting updated the most, anything worth seeing will at least get linked from either of those sites.

MIMR Playlist April 27th

Seazoo ‘Pictures’

First up on this week’s Playlist are our good friends on MIMR, wrexham favourite guitar-pop chaps Seazoo with a track from their brand new EP ‘Jumbo’ released April 25th. Its a resounding effort with some of their best work so far being produced and its the perfect follow up to last year’s ‘Car Deborah’ record. The finale of the 4 track EP is glowing, fuzzy affair with infectious riffs, hypnotising synths and Ben’s superb vocals, it makes for a killer tune. Catch Seazoo at a festival near you in the coming months, this includes this year’s Focus Wales in few weeks, now thats ‘Jumbo’ size news.


TV Sets ‘These Rifle Years’

All the way to Toronto, Canada is the next stop on this week’s Playlist with TV Sets making their mark on the blog with the title track from their new EP. These Rifle Years is a stunning screenshot of what the synth-pop trio are all about and was released April 18th for all of us to rave about. The title track has elements of shoegaze inter-twined with mesmerising synths and dreamy guitars to boot. The EP will be on repeat here at MIMR for a while and it should be yours, get in the groove and have a listen!


Cabbage ‘Kevin’

We return to Manchester for the next track from Post-punk 5 piece Cabbage who are certainly not hanging around in spreading their musical talent around the rest of the UK. This opening track from debut EP released earlier this year is a punk-pop racket with a endearing quality that is hard to knock. Pulsating guitars and captivating vocals grasp you from the word go. MIMR is ready for one hell of a ride and their Manchester headline show next month is where its going to be at!


Sly Antics ‘Captive City’

Prepared to be blown away by this next act on MIMR Playlist, with indie rock trio Sly Antics bringing the gusto with their energetic and enthralling new EP ‘Captive City’. The title track is a deluge of thumping beats, crushing guitars and tight vocals that make you wanting more. The next Manchester band to set their sights on bigger and better things and Sly Antics have it all to go very far. Their special EP launch gig on June 3rd at Manchester Ritz is a date to put in your diary for sure!


Twin Visions ‘Only Right’

Finally on this week’s Playlist are another great find recently on the blog, indie rock trio Twin Visions with their brilliant track ‘Only Right’. Heavily Influenced by a American rock sound – think Pavement and Sebadoh and your right on the mark, and having only played one gig so far where they supported the fantastic Pinact recently, its amazing that they have already achieved a sound of a band that have been around for years. Clashing symbols and superb riffs are accompanied by impressive vocals, lets just say one of their gigs is a must sooner rather later!


MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: Wake Island

In another exciting interview on MIMR in preperation for this year’s Focus Wales Festival, MIMR got the chance to speak to Electronic two-some Wake Island who will be making their way over the pond for a series of UK shows next month. The tour is presented by the brand new POP Montreal music festival and we can’t wait for them to come over.


MIMR: Fantastic to welcome lebanese electro-rock duo Wake Island to MIMR. Tell us about your music and what influences help you achieve your objectives?

WI: Thank you, we’re so thrilled to be here! The two of us have been playing music together for a while now, we started playing rock music when we first moved to Montreal from Lebanon in the early/mid 2000s in various bands. Montreal had a blooming indie rock scene at the time, with lots of amazing bands doing great things (Wolf Parade, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, The Besnard Lakes, Arcade Fire etc.). This music to us was profoundly exciting because we could see it happen live at local shows, all we had experienced in terms of live music growing up in Beirut at the end of a devastating civil war, is rock music on MTV (music television). There were very few independent Lebanese bands playing live in the late 1990s, and indie music was extremely hard to find. There was (and still is) however a very interesting DJ scene in Beirut in the late 1990-2000, so when we’d go out there it was mostly to underground clubs with DJs and I think this is where we both got our first “electronic” influences from. Fast forward to 2012, we started Wake Island as a rock project that very quickly matured into an electronic rock venture because it became clear to us that our interest really lies in blending indie rock song writing with an electronic approach. 

MIMR: Your new album is out very soon and its sounding amazing, tell us about it? You must be itching to get it out there!

WI: Thanks! This album was written in the midst of the band’s transition from rock to electronic and therefore the sound of the record inevitably captures this transition. It features songs that are written and arranged using “traditional” instrumentation (guitar, drums, electric bass) and electronic instruments (synths, drums, sampling). We wrote it in isolated cabins in the woods of Quebec, we needed to get out of the city and disconnect with everything to really focus on what we wanted to do. We were basically left alone faced with a challenge to write, record and produce our record from scratch. We learned a lot about software and production during these sessions and I really believe that this catalyzed our transition into a live electronic band, which is what Wake Island has become. After the cabin sessions, we took our album back to Breakglass Studios in Montreal where we recorded additional tracks (acoustic drums and vocals) and got the album mixed by our friend Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes, Suuns, Wolf Parade). We are extremely excited to release this album out into the world and support it on tour, it’s going to be a wild ride! 


MIMR: Personally looking forward to seeing you perform over in UK next month including your Focus Wales appearance, what can we expect to witness at one of your shows?

WI: We are thrilled to play at Focus Wales, it will actually be our very first show in the UK ever! What you can expect to see on stage is two busy dudes, multi-tasking, playing many instruments some electronic and some analog to create music that people can totally dance to, like they would at a club, but that is still structured and rooted in songs. People have described it as an “emotional dance party” and I guess this comes from the fact that we like contrasting cold-sounding electronic textures that makes people move with moving melodies, lyrics and harmonies.


MIMR: Thanks for speaking to MIMR, i know your going to make plenty of new friends over in the UK, where can people can listen to your music?

WI: Thank you for having us! Our album will be available on all major online music outlets as of April 29th (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc.).
In the meantime you can listen to our music on soundcloud here:


They play the Friday night at UnDegUn venue @Focus Wales

MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales: Seazoo

They’re back and ready to please us once again at Focus Wales, its the wonderful Seazoo and they have some mew music to share with us too. The guitar pop 5-piece from Wrexham unveil the new record this week (April 25th) and is the follow up to last year’s excellent ‘Car Deborah’ EP which was a MIMR favourite for sure

MIMR got the latest news from the band ahead of their set at Focus Wales this year

MIMR: Back on the blog are the excellent Seazoo, great to have you once again, tell us all about your new record?

Seazoo: JUMBO is our new 4 song EP out April 25th. Once again, recorded ourselves, mostly at home. Slight change of approach this time though as we took our equipment to a studio in Radnorshire to record the drums. It’s getting a bit much for our lovely neighbours to keep recording drums in the front room! It’s actually the first time Steff’s played the drums ‘properly’ on a Seazoo record, as opposed to keeping the volume down, surrounded by cushions and sleeping bags!


MIMR: Everyone is looking forward to Focus Wales which is nearly upon us. Your set last year was one the most memorable ones of the festival, what can we expect from you guys this time round?

Seazoo: Well we’re playing in St Giles this year, completely different venue (sit down affair in a church). Never done anything like this before so we’ll probably just turn the amps down a bit.


MIMR: What other acts playing this year’s Focus are you making a b-line to watch?

Seazoo: Well we’re supporting Gwenno which is exciting so we’ll be sure to watch her.

Joy Formidable I’ve only seen once before so be keen to watch them again and then loads more but to name a few, Meilyr Jones, Chupa Cabra, Castles, Trecco Beis and all the Wrexham bands of course!


MIMR: Thanks once again for alpearing on the blog, have a great Foxlcus and hope everything goes well with the record, where will be able to hear this when released?

Seazoo: It’ll be here:- https://seazoo.bandcamp.com

TA x

Seazoo support Gwenno at Focus Wales, here are all the details


MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales: The Roseville Band

Welsh Alt-rockers The Roseville Band have matured into a force to be reckoned with and their appearance at Focus next month is highly anticipated by many. Having spent time in north America touring in recent years they are certainly turning a lot more heads and 2016 looks set to be one to remember.


MIMR was lucky to get a few words with Andy (lead vocals/Guitar) about the year ahead for the band and their show in Wrexham in a few weeks time.

MIMR: Its a pleasure to have The Roseville Band on MIMR, looking forward to what 2016 will hold for you guys, what plans do you have then?

Andy: thanks, and yeah, we’re really excited for the year ahead, it’s shaping up to be a busy one. We’re releasing the first single – ‘Order’ – from our new album BLOOD on 3rd June, and we have a bunch of things we’ll be announcing around that release, which I’ll keep under my hat for now. After that, we’ll be heading out on a two week tour around Europe in the autumn, ahead of the album release in October. We’ll also be doing a select run of UK dates around that too.


MIMR: Focus Wales is fast approaching and your headlining a pretty impressive line-up at Undegun, are you anticipating a very special show?

Andy: I’m really looking forward to it. The way things have worked out for us these past few years, spending so much of our time in North America, as exciting as that’s been, we’ve been wanting to spend more time gigging in the UK, and of course in Wales. So it’s gonna be fun to play the show, and we’re looking forward to playing alongside some great bands on the night.

MIMR: What other acts playing the festival would you pick out to follow in Wrexham next month?

MIMR: around the festival, it’s difficult to pick favourites, with so many great and interesting bands… but I’m looking forward to catching Kagoule, The Joy Formidable, Hippies Vs Ghosts, H. Hawkline, Meilyr Jones, and Johnny Lloyd too. I could go on… I try to catch as many bands as possible, and there’s always a few surprises. It’s all about darting around the different venues and getting involved.


MIMR: You’ve received many plaudits and played shows in North America in recent years, what other parts of the world would you like to visit as a band?

Andy: I’d really like for the band to get out to Japan with this new LP. We’ve made a nice connection with the band Moja from Tokyo, and it would be awesome to go out there and play a run of shows together.


MIMR: Been a pleasure to have spoken to you on the blog today, cant wait for your performance at Focus, do any of the band get any pre-gig nerves at all?

Andy: Thanks. Not really, but I think all bands hate the waiting around, and we’re no different on that, but more than anything, there’s always a sense of excitement, and wanting to get on and play. That’s the fun bit.

This is where and when to catch the guys at Focus Wales this year:


MIMR Gig Gallery: The Jade Assembly

Indie rockers The Jade Assembly took to the stage last night (April 23rd) at The Deaf Institute where raucous crowd enjoyed another gripping set from the Bolton foursome. They continue to spread their wings around Manchester and beyond and now are firmly becoming a main stay on the blog, don’t hesitate to sign up to the Jade Army right away.

Here are some highlights from their thrilling set