MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: CaStLeS

MIMR continues with its interviews with some of the many acts playing this year’s Focus Wales festival with Psych, Rock band CaStLeS. The trio from North Wales will certainly be one of the top local acts to watch at Focus this year

I spoke to Dion from the band about 2016 and playing live.

MIMR: We welcome one of the best emerging welsh bands around at the Moment, CaStLeS are here. Hey, so whats the latest news with CaStLeS?

Dion: Hi Griff, the main CaStLeS news is that we’re busy! We’ve got two albums coming out this year so we’ve been working like mad men over the past few weeks. Also, just recently we were chosen as one of Horizons 12’s acts for 2016, a scheme by the BBC and Arts Council Wales, we’ve already been confirmed for some exciting events and festivals, so we’ve got a lot to look forward to this year.


MIMR: What influences/inspirations does the band have to help you create your music?

Dion: Our first EP ‘PartDepart’ had a loose concept running through it, the idea of escaping into the Snowdonian wilderness, which surrounds our studio. It all came about in daydreams me and Cynyr had whilst working our nine to five, which at the time for me entailed mostly washing mud as a lab technician, but I’ve left that job now so maybe our songwriting will change as well. Also, as you might expect, we’re all huge music fans, I can’t list all the music but recently we’ve been listening to Juana Molina, Deerhoof and the 80s experimental stuff McCartney did.

MIMR: Looking forward to catching you guys at Focus in May, whats the best thing about playing live?

Dion: I think it’s the best part of it all, we like to try and keep things exciting when we play live, so that it’s more like a musical show than just playing our way through a record.


MIMR: Whats been your favourite place you’ve gigged at?

Dion: Being based in North West Wales means we travel a lot when we’re gigging, we always get a warm reception when we play Cardiff, it makes the 5hr journey back a bit less painful, Wrexham also, it’s like they’ve both become our surrogate hometowns.


MIMR: Its been pleasure having you on the blog and wish you all the best of 2016. Where’s the best way to check out what Castles are up to?

Dion: Thanks for having us, you can follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram under the name ‘cestyll’, which is the Welsh translation of ‘castles’, or otherwise you can find all you need on our website



CaStLeS play Central Station Venue on Saturday 14th May as part of Focus Wales

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