MIMR Band Chat: Night Palms

After a break, Band Chat is back and we welcome Night Palms to the blog, who we believe have a very bright future indeed. The lancaster four-piece look set to have a busy 2016 and they took some time out to talk to MIMR about their plans and some other recommended bands too

MIMR: Fantastic to have Night Palms on MIMR. Hey, whats going on with the band at the moment?

NP: We’ve been recording over the past say two months, steady away, just focusing on going in a little bit of a different direction and experimenting more during that process. We’ve added new sounds to the live performance, as well as what’s on the new stuff we’ll be putting out shortly.


MIMR: How would you best describe what you do and what music inspires you?

NP: We like mystery that surrounds certain artists and musicians, for instance the band Timber Timbre have been hugely influential for us by means of how to keep things simple but also very experimental and new so that we always try and make each new song something a little different but still keeping it Night Palms sounding.


MIMR: You played with Horsebeach recently, they’re faves of MIMR. How was this gig in particular and was this your 1st time in Manchester?

NP: It wasn’t our first gig in Manchester but it was certainly the best one we’ve played so far in terms of any gig we’ve played. We all played really well and loved Horsebeach who were so on point that night, even bought their Single they recently did, it was that good!! We’re going to be releasing a 7″ very soon but it’s still in the sort of pre-production phase as of yet.


MIMR: Thanks once again guys, sure to catch you at a gig next time. Which other bands would you recommend we check out on the blog?

NP: Chest Pains from Leeds are making good headway there and I think are gonna be playing in Manchester soon. They’re really good friends of ours.


Sun Drift are also friends of ours from Lancaster and sometimes Fin and Joel play with Zac as the band for live shows. Real estate and Kurt vile sound


And Mr. BEN from Lancaster who makes beautiful lo fi pop songs and Fin and Joel play with him sometimes too



A music scene is slowly emerging again from Lancaster but not much is making ground. Manchester feels like a place to strive!

Thanks again to the guys, keep up to date here:


Their latest track can be listened to here:


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