MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: The Kickstand Band

In the 1st of many interviews from acts playing this year’s Focus Wales festival, we introduce from across the pond, indie-pop duo The Kickstand Band from Detroit. Realy looking forward to seeing these guys come over to Wales in May, they’re going to get a lot of new followers i’m sure.

I spoke to the band about their year so far and their upcoming appearance at the festival


MIMR: Introducing the fantastic The Kickstand Band to MIMR, pleasure to have you on the blog. How has 2016 been for the band so far?

TKB: It’s a pleasure to be here! 2016 has been great, we kicked off the New Year by having an elegant champagne toast spilled all over our gear, and we’re looking forward to our trip overseas to see you guys and also the release of this cool NYC compilation we’re on: http://www.esopus.org/news/view/65


MIMR: Can’t wait to see you perform at Focus Wales in May, i can see you going down very well with the punters there, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

TKB: So we just googled “punters” and we’re still confused as to what it means, but yeah, we hope to have a good reception with “people who watch porn movies or go to strip joints regularly”. At our live shows here in the states, we have a homemade lightshow, and we’re scheming ways to bring it all on an airplane without getting questioned by the TSA.


MIMR: In The Sun EP is one of my favourite records ive listened to recently, are you happy with the reception it has received?

TKB: Thanks! Yeah, we’re really glad people are digging it. We actually spent some cash trying to get it on the radio here in the states, but we were no match for Adele. You win again, Europe. Fortunately some folks in Japan found out about us and were nice enough to put out a compilation of both our Summer EPs which you can find here: http://thistimerecords.shop-pro.jp/?pid=95438183


MIMR: What do you guys do in your spare time away from the band?

TKB: Lately we’ve been scheming ways to get airline points. We also have various boring day jobs. Hobbies: Allison makes candles and Gordon roasts coffee. Do you guys have Bar Rescue? We watch a lot of Bar Rescue.


MIMR: Thanks for joining us on the blog, ones to watch for the festival for sure. Where can we follow the band on social media?

TKB: Twitter @kickstandband

Instagram @thekickstandband





See them play Focus Wales in May, they Play Central Station Venue on the Saturday night (14th)

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