MIMR Band Chat: Pinact

Glasgow punk trio Pinact have made a big impression on the blog since their 2015 record ‘Stand Still and Rot’ was heard and became instantly hooked. Better still they head down for a manchester show next month and MIMR will be there!

MIMR spoke to Corrie from the band about the record and other bands they admire

MIMR Another new band to the blog are the fantastic Pinact, thanks for talking to us, how did the band come about and how is the songwriting within the band constructed?

Corrie Me and Lewis (drums)  met at school when we were 15  although we didn’t start playing together till we had left school and were living in different cities. That was about four years ago now. 

We don’t really have a set way of writing,  some songs I write at home on my own and take them in to the studio then other times they come from nowhere when we’re all together.  Those are the best ones.  They sort of just happen and you need to finish it really quickly while the excitement and enthusiasm for the idea that can create the song is still there.

Things are kind of different now though,  the first album was recorded and wrote as a two piece.  Now we have a bass player, Jon,  and that’s really changing the way we arrange the songs.  It’s very exciting,  we’re starting to feel like a real band. That might sound stupid but the band was never meant to be a two piece,  it just kind of happened. 

MIMR Now your album ‘Stand Still and Rot’ was a deserved success for you guys, what was your favourite part about making the record?

Corrie The actual recording process was really great.  We recorded and mixed it with MJ from hookworms over the course of a week so it was done quite quickly but not rushed!  as the days went on we could start to see an album appear and that was really special. 

We left the studio with a mixed record and listened to it all the way on the drive back to Scotland.  I think it was the first time I could actually listen to something the band had recorded and enjoy it. 

It’s just been announced that Stand Still and Rot is getting a vinyl reissue next month for Record store Day.  It was previously only available digitally and on a limited run of cassettes. 

MIMR: So what plans do you have for 2016

Corrie We’re going to continue to tour Stand Still and Rot throughout the rest of the year.  After summer we are going to start recording the second record and aim to have it completely finished by the end of the year.  We’re also heading to SXSW this weekend!

MIMR: What other music did you guys listen to in 2015 and what bands will you be checking out this year?

Corrie: Last September we went on a UK tour with our label mates, from America, Eternal Summers.  They are the loveliest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to tour.  They released their latest record last year called Gold and Stone which you should check out!

Personally I’ve got really into Bully and Dilly Dally,  their albums from last year have been on heavy rotation.  I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from those bands later this year.

MIMR: Thanks again for being on the blog, be keeping a close eye on your movements in 2016. What can we expect from one of your live shows?

Corrie: No problem at all!  We’re generally quite loud,  Lewis our drummer is one of the hardest hitters I know. I’d recommend you bring earplugs.

Check out the album here:


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