MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: CaStLeS

MIMR continues with its interviews with some of the many acts playing this year’s Focus Wales festival with Psych, Rock band CaStLeS. The trio from North Wales will certainly be one of the top local acts to watch at Focus this year

I spoke to Dion from the band about 2016 and playing live.

MIMR: We welcome one of the best emerging welsh bands around at the Moment, CaStLeS are here. Hey, so whats the latest news with CaStLeS?

Dion: Hi Griff, the main CaStLeS news is that we’re busy! We’ve got two albums coming out this year so we’ve been working like mad men over the past few weeks. Also, just recently we were chosen as one of Horizons 12’s acts for 2016, a scheme by the BBC and Arts Council Wales, we’ve already been confirmed for some exciting events and festivals, so we’ve got a lot to look forward to this year.


MIMR: What influences/inspirations does the band have to help you create your music?

Dion: Our first EP ‘PartDepart’ had a loose concept running through it, the idea of escaping into the Snowdonian wilderness, which surrounds our studio. It all came about in daydreams me and Cynyr had whilst working our nine to five, which at the time for me entailed mostly washing mud as a lab technician, but I’ve left that job now so maybe our songwriting will change as well. Also, as you might expect, we’re all huge music fans, I can’t list all the music but recently we’ve been listening to Juana Molina, Deerhoof and the 80s experimental stuff McCartney did.

MIMR: Looking forward to catching you guys at Focus in May, whats the best thing about playing live?

Dion: I think it’s the best part of it all, we like to try and keep things exciting when we play live, so that it’s more like a musical show than just playing our way through a record.


MIMR: Whats been your favourite place you’ve gigged at?

Dion: Being based in North West Wales means we travel a lot when we’re gigging, we always get a warm reception when we play Cardiff, it makes the 5hr journey back a bit less painful, Wrexham also, it’s like they’ve both become our surrogate hometowns.


MIMR: Its been pleasure having you on the blog and wish you all the best of 2016. Where’s the best way to check out what Castles are up to?

Dion: Thanks for having us, you can follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram under the name ‘cestyll’, which is the Welsh translation of ‘castles’, or otherwise you can find all you need on our website



CaStLeS play Central Station Venue on Saturday 14th May as part of Focus Wales

MIMR Band Chat @Focus Wales 2016: The Kickstand Band

In the 1st of many interviews from acts playing this year’s Focus Wales festival, we introduce from across the pond, indie-pop duo The Kickstand Band from Detroit. Realy looking forward to seeing these guys come over to Wales in May, they’re going to get a lot of new followers i’m sure.

I spoke to the band about their year so far and their upcoming appearance at the festival


MIMR: Introducing the fantastic The Kickstand Band to MIMR, pleasure to have you on the blog. How has 2016 been for the band so far?

TKB: It’s a pleasure to be here! 2016 has been great, we kicked off the New Year by having an elegant champagne toast spilled all over our gear, and we’re looking forward to our trip overseas to see you guys and also the release of this cool NYC compilation we’re on: http://www.esopus.org/news/view/65


MIMR: Can’t wait to see you perform at Focus Wales in May, i can see you going down very well with the punters there, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

TKB: So we just googled “punters” and we’re still confused as to what it means, but yeah, we hope to have a good reception with “people who watch porn movies or go to strip joints regularly”. At our live shows here in the states, we have a homemade lightshow, and we’re scheming ways to bring it all on an airplane without getting questioned by the TSA.


MIMR: In The Sun EP is one of my favourite records ive listened to recently, are you happy with the reception it has received?

TKB: Thanks! Yeah, we’re really glad people are digging it. We actually spent some cash trying to get it on the radio here in the states, but we were no match for Adele. You win again, Europe. Fortunately some folks in Japan found out about us and were nice enough to put out a compilation of both our Summer EPs which you can find here: http://thistimerecords.shop-pro.jp/?pid=95438183


MIMR: What do you guys do in your spare time away from the band?

TKB: Lately we’ve been scheming ways to get airline points. We also have various boring day jobs. Hobbies: Allison makes candles and Gordon roasts coffee. Do you guys have Bar Rescue? We watch a lot of Bar Rescue.


MIMR: Thanks for joining us on the blog, ones to watch for the festival for sure. Where can we follow the band on social media?

TKB: Twitter @kickstandband

Instagram @thekickstandband





See them play Focus Wales in May, they Play Central Station Venue on the Saturday night (14th)

MIMR Band Chat: Night Palms

After a break, Band Chat is back and we welcome Night Palms to the blog, who we believe have a very bright future indeed. The lancaster four-piece look set to have a busy 2016 and they took some time out to talk to MIMR about their plans and some other recommended bands too

MIMR: Fantastic to have Night Palms on MIMR. Hey, whats going on with the band at the moment?

NP: We’ve been recording over the past say two months, steady away, just focusing on going in a little bit of a different direction and experimenting more during that process. We’ve added new sounds to the live performance, as well as what’s on the new stuff we’ll be putting out shortly.


MIMR: How would you best describe what you do and what music inspires you?

NP: We like mystery that surrounds certain artists and musicians, for instance the band Timber Timbre have been hugely influential for us by means of how to keep things simple but also very experimental and new so that we always try and make each new song something a little different but still keeping it Night Palms sounding.


MIMR: You played with Horsebeach recently, they’re faves of MIMR. How was this gig in particular and was this your 1st time in Manchester?

NP: It wasn’t our first gig in Manchester but it was certainly the best one we’ve played so far in terms of any gig we’ve played. We all played really well and loved Horsebeach who were so on point that night, even bought their Single they recently did, it was that good!! We’re going to be releasing a 7″ very soon but it’s still in the sort of pre-production phase as of yet.


MIMR: Thanks once again guys, sure to catch you at a gig next time. Which other bands would you recommend we check out on the blog?

NP: Chest Pains from Leeds are making good headway there and I think are gonna be playing in Manchester soon. They’re really good friends of ours.


Sun Drift are also friends of ours from Lancaster and sometimes Fin and Joel play with Zac as the band for live shows. Real estate and Kurt vile sound


And Mr. BEN from Lancaster who makes beautiful lo fi pop songs and Fin and Joel play with him sometimes too



A music scene is slowly emerging again from Lancaster but not much is making ground. Manchester feels like a place to strive!

Thanks again to the guys, keep up to date here:


Their latest track can be listened to here:


MIMR Gig Guide: April


4th: Baby Brave supporting Colour Me Wednesday @Retro Bar

7th: O>L>A/Psyblings @Fuel Cafe Bar

7th: Etches/Random White @The Castle Hotel

9th: Church Party @Gullivers

11th: Love Buzzard with Plague Vendor @The Castle Hotel

15th: TVAM @The Castle Hotel

16th: RSD gig feat. Horsebeach/Blooms/Move @The Deaf Insitute

22nd: Sweet Deals On Surgery @The Cresent Pub, Salford

23rd: The Jade Assembly @The Deaf Insitute

26th: Local Showcase feat. BadPenny @Night and Day Cafe

27th: Bruja + Darma @Aatma

28th: Wussy @The Castle Hotel

30th: Kidsmoke supporting Mayflower @Soup Kitchen

MIMR @Sounds From The Other City 2016: Ones to Watch

As MIMR will be in attendance for this year’s SFTOC festival in May, here are some acts to look out for across Salford’s many venues on 1st May. The festival has grown into a special and extremely popular event and MIMR will cover all you need to know about this year’s event



The Big Moon




Meilyr Jones


The Parrots


Church Party












Chris Tavener


MIMR @Focus Wales: Ones To Watch Part 5

The last part of MIMR Ones to Watch previews for this years Focus Wales concerntrates on other areas of the festival ie: acoustic acts/the arts and other projects that make vital contributions to a festival as special as Focus.

Baby Brave (unplugged)


Lance ( Kidsmoke)


Damon Jacs (acoustic performer)


John Lawrence (Gorkys Zygotic Munci)


Peter Hook (Keynote Speaker/DJ set)


Sophie McKeand (Poet)


360 Sessions/Film Cafe


Sean Hughes (Comedian)


Pete Fowler (Artist)


MIMR Band Chat: Pinact

Glasgow punk trio Pinact have made a big impression on the blog since their 2015 record ‘Stand Still and Rot’ was heard and became instantly hooked. Better still they head down for a manchester show next month and MIMR will be there!

MIMR spoke to Corrie from the band about the record and other bands they admire

MIMR Another new band to the blog are the fantastic Pinact, thanks for talking to us, how did the band come about and how is the songwriting within the band constructed?

Corrie Me and Lewis (drums)  met at school when we were 15  although we didn’t start playing together till we had left school and were living in different cities. That was about four years ago now. 

We don’t really have a set way of writing,  some songs I write at home on my own and take them in to the studio then other times they come from nowhere when we’re all together.  Those are the best ones.  They sort of just happen and you need to finish it really quickly while the excitement and enthusiasm for the idea that can create the song is still there.

Things are kind of different now though,  the first album was recorded and wrote as a two piece.  Now we have a bass player, Jon,  and that’s really changing the way we arrange the songs.  It’s very exciting,  we’re starting to feel like a real band. That might sound stupid but the band was never meant to be a two piece,  it just kind of happened. 

MIMR Now your album ‘Stand Still and Rot’ was a deserved success for you guys, what was your favourite part about making the record?

Corrie The actual recording process was really great.  We recorded and mixed it with MJ from hookworms over the course of a week so it was done quite quickly but not rushed!  as the days went on we could start to see an album appear and that was really special. 

We left the studio with a mixed record and listened to it all the way on the drive back to Scotland.  I think it was the first time I could actually listen to something the band had recorded and enjoy it. 

It’s just been announced that Stand Still and Rot is getting a vinyl reissue next month for Record store Day.  It was previously only available digitally and on a limited run of cassettes. 

MIMR: So what plans do you have for 2016

Corrie We’re going to continue to tour Stand Still and Rot throughout the rest of the year.  After summer we are going to start recording the second record and aim to have it completely finished by the end of the year.  We’re also heading to SXSW this weekend!

MIMR: What other music did you guys listen to in 2015 and what bands will you be checking out this year?

Corrie: Last September we went on a UK tour with our label mates, from America, Eternal Summers.  They are the loveliest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to tour.  They released their latest record last year called Gold and Stone which you should check out!

Personally I’ve got really into Bully and Dilly Dally,  their albums from last year have been on heavy rotation.  I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from those bands later this year.

MIMR: Thanks again for being on the blog, be keeping a close eye on your movements in 2016. What can we expect from one of your live shows?

Corrie: No problem at all!  We’re generally quite loud,  Lewis our drummer is one of the hardest hitters I know. I’d recommend you bring earplugs.

Check out the album here: