MIMR Playlist: 23rd February

Kidsmoke ‘Cut Yourself Loose’

One of MIMR favourite bands around Kidsmoke return with another indie-pop gem of the highest order, the delightful ‘Cut Yourself Loose’. Set for release this week (26.2.16) the wrexham quartet blissfully whistle through this track with glorious melodies and infectious grooves, which makes for a outstanding end result. With the recent inclusion to the band (Sophie Ballamy – formerly of The Sparrowhawks) it all looks set to be another exciting year for the band and it’s richly deserved for one of MIMR beloved acts, ‘Cut Yourselves Loose’ and make this your own personal favourite!

Peaks ‘Better Off As Bears’

Next up on MIMR Playlist is a bit special as its a familiar face to the blog. Peaks is the brand new solo project by Ben Forrester who most of you will know was one half of MIMR favourite Manchester rock duo Bad Grammar . After they called it a day last year Ben has boldly now gone it alone with mesemerising results. Ben’s 1st effort runs smoothly from gloomy, enchanting vocals to a concotion of grooveable beats and crisp guitars, its a pure delight. With EP plans and some live shows planned it will be a pleasure to see Ben back on the stage where he will surely rule the roost once again

Sam Ryder ‘Raven, Rook and Crow’

Singer-Songwriter Sam Ryder from Essex proves his wonderous ways with this great uplifting track from his upcoming EP due for release next month and produced by Bryan Wilson (Disclosure, Frightened Rabbit). This track out on the 11th March shows off Sam’s various and rich vocal range which is a perfect piece of artistry in itself and a joyful listen. After a music career made up of being in various bands with noted success, Sam is ready to unleash his piercing and moving sound to many more people and something tells me this is a recipe of undoubted further success!

Savage Goth ‘Lurker’

The uniquely hypnotic sound of Savage Goth makes a welcome appearance on MIMR Playlist. This solo-artist from Rochdale (Matthew Kenworthy) makes dreamy psych-pop with a blend of magical melodies and chilled out, hazy vocals making for a trance like feeling that is hard to shake off. ‘Lurker’ is taken from the self-titled EP released in December and its one of the many highlights of the record, let Savage Goth to take you away to a better place and thats a pretty swell thing

Fizzy Blood ‘Sweat and Sulphur’

Finishing off this week’s Playlist we have the jaw-dropping, eye-popping noise of Rock 5-piece Fizzy Blood from Leeds. Striking riffs can be certainly heard on this track released last week (19th February) and it burns into you brain for sure. Add some edgy, searing vocals and pulsating beats and you have a hard hitting formula. All set to hit the road for a upcoming tour with MIMR faves The Hyena Kill , Fizzy Blood can shake a few more heads with this electrifying racket, take a run and jump into it!

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