MIMR Playlist: 16th Feb

The Hyena Kill ‘Crosses’

We begin this week’s Playlist with the explosive first glimpse into The Hyena Kill upcoming debut album ‘Atomised’ (release date TBA) and its a monstrous track. We wont have to wait too much longer for one of the most anticipated releases of the year and ‘Crosses’ released 29th Feb makes it certain that it will be well worth the wait. Blistering, sharp riffs and monumental beats from the hard rock duo send you in a whirl which is hard to shake off. One of MIMR Sounds of 2016 acts are ready to unleash their ferocious sound on many more people, be prepared, The Hyena Kill are coming for you!


Easy Kill ‘Not Even Lovers’

Another band set for a exciting 2016 are Manchester Alt-Rockers Easy Kill with another track taken from their upcoming EP ‘Sermons’ out Feb 26th. Its further proof that the band can expect plenty of good things to happen, their live show alone is a joy to witness. This track gathers pace with delicate, trance-like vocals and flowing guitars, a track full of emotion which rapidly draws you in. Easy Kill have all the tools to ensure success in the future and MIMR will support them all the way, get behind these guys people. Look out for EP review of ‘Sermons’ on the blog very soon


Mono Sideboards ‘Speaker For The Dead’

A return to the blog for this next band, liverpudlian Alternative group Mono Sideboards with another track taken from their debut release ‘The Pains Of Being Frank Lamb’ released in November 2015. Superbly crafted sound and heartfelt undertones engulf the album and this track hauntingly proves this and some. Momentum is certainly building for the band with local press attention and planned  festival dates on the horizion. We look forward to what 2016 delivers, one thing is for certain we need more Mono Sideboards offerings, this is essential listening!


Night Flowers ‘Chaser’

Dreamy, indie-pop next up on the Playlist with the euphoric sound of London 5-piece Night Flowers. Released last week (8th Feb) ‘Chaser’ bounces along  with great purpose and a infectious feel which is hard not to sway too. Pop guitar riffs and hazy vocals make you jump back into the pleasures of the 90s (think Teenage Fanclub-esque) and it’s this that pulls you in to their joyous noise. This single is helping raise funds for a tour of Japan in May, i think you know what you need to do, its a no brainer really.


Simmer ‘Sinewy’

We end this week’s Playlist with the brilliant Simmer with another track from their debut record ‘Paper Prisms’ due for release Feb 29th and its another hard-edged cut from another of MIMR most anticipated releases of 2016. The Punk-Rock foursome from Cheshire have more bruising riffs and stomping beats than ever on this track and the result of this is truely epic. Engrossing from start to finish MIMR can hardly wait for the album release in a few weeks. They head out on tour in Feb/March to coincide with the release and i highly recommend making the effort to see them. Check out a review of ‘Paper Prisms’ on the blog very soon


Listen to the MIMR Playlist here:


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