MIMR Band Chat: Vivienne The Witch

Alt-Rock band Vivienne The Witch have become one of the brightest newcomers on MIMR in 2016 and the grunge-fused trio from Italy have thrusted themselves on to the blog with their recently released ‘Shadowbox’ album

MIMR spoke to the band about this record and how it was made


MIMR: Its a pleasure to have you on the blog, tell us about the band and how would you best describe your sound?

VTW: Thank you for having us! We have many influences so it’s not easy to describe our music. We like to say that we play a kind of alternative rock mixed with grunge, punk and shoegaze.

MIMR: You recently featured on MIMR Playlist with a track from your album ‘Shadowbox’. Are you excited to release the album and how did it all come together?

VTW: Yes, we’re very excited and we can’t wait to play it live!
‘Shadowbox’ is our debut album; it was released on 29th January and will soon be available on CD under our label, Taxi Driver Records. It was recorded and mixed at Casaohm Recording Studio in Cortona by Alessio Rosi and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (Lento, Edible woman) at Triple Sun recording Studio in Roma. The post-postproduction took longer than we expected, and during these past few years we were living in three different cities (Florence, Bologna, and London) so we all thought that January 2016 would be the best time to release and promote it. The album contains 8 original tracks describing our feelings and experiences from the past few years. The idea of the Shadowbox comes from the work of the American artist Joseph Cornell who used to build boxes containing objects with a symbolic meaning in order to tell a story. Since we wanted to tell our story as a band we built our own Shadowbox using songs instead of objects. The album’s artwork, designed by Elettra Esposito (http://elettrapungent.tumblr.com/), represents our precious imaginary Shadowbox.
What’s the best thing about being in the band?
We enjoy everything about being in a band but if we had to pick something we would say that the more exciting thing is to play and create new songs.


MIMR: What kind of music did you grow up listening to and does this influence your own music in anyway?

VTW: We grew up listening to all kinds of music, but of course 90s music in general – from Spice Girls to the Seattle Grunge scene – has significantly influenced us.

MIMR: Thanks once again for being on MIMR, hope to see you on the blog again very soon. Where can people follow you and check out your music?


MIMR: It’s been a pleasure! You can find us on Twitter @Vivienne_witch and Facebook (www.facebook.com/viviennethewitchmusic/) and you can check our music on our Bandcamp or if you prefer on Spotify!

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