MIMR Band Chat: Mirror Gorillas

The latest new band to grace MIMR in 2016 are the sweet sounding Mirror Gorillas. Since being discovered on the blog late last year at Fallow Cafe gig supporting Junk, the manchester band are now ready to unleash their buzzing vibes on many more people, we’re happy to have them on the blog

We spoke to the guys about the future plans and some fun stories along the way too


MIMR: Its fantastic to have Mirror Gorillas on the blog, lets begin with how the band came about and what influences do you have?

MG: We met in the little haven of Owen’s Park in Manchester where we were all living for uni and we decided to form a band. Our influences are pretty broad but on our new EP coming out soon we’ve been majorly influenced by 90s stuff. You can hear quite a lot Nirvana, Blur and Pixies vibes and we’re really excited about it.


MIMR: You’ve recently been added to Big Muff Promotions gig in March w/Trash, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

MG: Camaraderie, belly laughs, shame. At our set at Pangaea Festival our drummer Jamie took a piece of clothing off after each song and ended up in just his socks. The next gig will be a golden opportunity to preview the songs off our new EP so come along.


MIMR: Do you have any funny stories from any gigs you’ve played?

MG: At one of our gigs at The Fallow we got bullied by this moody grudge chick who wasn’t having a very good day. She stormed into soundcheck, kicked Harry and Tim (who she then called a fat Chris Pratt) in the shins with her massive Doc Martins and said we smelt like pre-pubescent teenagers. Jokes on her because none of us wear Lynx, only Old Spice, the most mature of fragrances for the modern gent.

MIMR: The Track ‘Get Away’ was what brought you guys to the blog’s attention but what ‘Get-away’ location would you like to visit?

MG: Although we bring a little ray of sunshine to cold and gloomy Manchester, the temptations always there to jet off to a holiday home somewhere. Harry wants to go to Budapest because of the George Ezra song, Tim’s up for a relaxing Bahamas break, Butcher fancies exploring through the jungle and Jamie probably just wants to visit his family in Mexico. We’ve taken Get Away off our soundcloud for now because we thinking of putting an improved version on the EP.


MIMR: Thanks for being on MIMR, look forward to featuring you on the blog again very soon. How can people check your music?

MG: You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we regularly post amazing photo-shopped content of famous figures with Mirror Gorillas merchandise.
Make sure you look out for the new EP coming soon on our Soundcloud.
We’re also big in the snapchat game and like posting pretty pictures on Instagram so follow us on those too (@MirrorGorillas)

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mirrorgorillas?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fmirrorgorillas

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/mirrorgorillas

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/mirrorgorillas

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