MIMR Band Chat: O>L>A

Dreampop duo O>L>A return to MIMR after discovering them at last year’s Dot To Dot Festival, it was a special set and the Manchester pair are certainly ready to hit 2016 head first with some interesting plans ahead

I spoke to Kev and Dean about these plans and their vibrant live show

MIMR: Great to have O>L>A on the blog, how did you start up as a band and what influences do you have on your music?

KEV: Hi and thanks for having us! We started up when we were working together at Fopp in Manchester. Wed got together a couple of times after work and started to get a lot of material together quite quickly, it was a long time before we figured out how to translate it live though! O>L>A (one little atlas) influences tend to be drawn from experiences from film and music, so our music tends to be influenced (myself personally) by cinematic moments- things I see and hear that stick with me.

DEAN: Our influences range from a lot of electronic music production; we try and go for a rich production sound. Another influence is landscapes, i think me and Kev have this weird landscape fetish! I love painters like Roerich & Caspar David Friedrich and imagining places for a track is not uncommon. Actually, a lot of songs in the first EP were influenced by different places in Europe, Scotland and the Peak District.

KEV: Also, through working in a music shop weve absorbed a lot of musical influences.

DEAN: We both have a broad love of music from Warp Records & Constellation Records to Swans or J Dilla, its all over really.

MIMR: 2015 was a busy year for the band, what was the most memorable moment you experienced during the year?

KEV: We didnt have an initial plan for last year so it was amazing to look back. We just forced ourselves into creative projects and they seem to work out in the end, even if we come close to breakdowns (Its a struggle to work full-time and work on so many ideas!). Our biggest highlight was performing on a rooftop above Manchester City Centre performing a score we assembled to Ron Frickes film Koyaanisqatsi. It was in the middle of summer and the sun set during the performance with the city coming alive around us. It was a culmination of everything weve wanted to do with the band and outdoor gigs feel more alive with the natural world around you so it was a special moment in our career.

MIMR: What plans do you have for 2016

KEV: Keep working I guess. We have a few projects we’d like to realise later this year and we have a few scores set aside we are going to get under way.

DEAN: We have plans to release our new EP ‘Call of the Wild’ later in the year with a new single called Light Years.

KEV: We would love to work on a project at the The Wilson in Cheltenham.

DEAN: Yeah we would love to do a new film on Scotts expedition to Antarctica and score it for the gallery. Wilson took part in two British expeditions to Antarctica and sadly never made it back from the last one, it’s in the pipeline for this year.

KEV: Were also looking for a label to look after us!

DEAN: Would be nice! We have lots of material and we just want to get it all out there which we hope to do this year as well as play more shows outside of Manchester.

MIMR: MIMR is looking forward to seeing you play live again, how would you best describe your live show?

KEV: Thanks! I like to think of our show as something you can immerse yourself in. If you just go with it the music can really pull you in.

DEAN: Our shows can be intense and fun, we like to mix up the style and feel from one track to another and blur them into a musical collage with few breaks in between tracks. Weve had people dance and cry to our live show, (sadly not at the same time yet) so its definitely all over the map! Expect lots of beats, looped vocals and guitars and synths.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, wish you all the best for this year. Away from the band what do you guys do to relax?

KEV: Relax?

DEAN: Kev has a four year old so I dont think he gets that option currently!

KEV: I watch a lot of kids tv!

DEAN: Maybe we need to learn how to relax this year

You can see O>L>A next week at the Soup Kitchen supporting Desert Sound Colony for my good friend at Passage, tickets still available. Check out the event for more details


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