MIMR Band Chat: Sweet Deals On Surgery

Noise Punk Trio Sweet Deals On Surgery return to MIMR with a lot of exciting times ahead and they describe these and more in this latest Band Chat, they’re nice like that


MIMR: We welcome back Sweet Deals On Surgery to MIMR, another one of MIMR Sounds of 2016 acts eager to impress this year, so we finally have an album done, hurray!! when will it be released and are you excited to get it out there?

SDOS: Hi Griff! Yes the album is finally done, it only took us a year! Well, technically it was about 4 days but there was 11 months in between…
We’re very excited to get it released, we’ve been speaking to a label recently about getting it out there but as yet we don’t have a set date for release. I think a good estimate would be March/April though.


MIMR: Will we be seeing more live shows in 2016?

SDOS: Absolutely. In fact we played our first gig in 3 months last week at our second home the Ferret in Preston, supporting Ross Millard’s (from The Futureheads) new band Drifts and Preston noise makers Fighting. It was really good. I always think a gig has been good when there is blood on my guitar at the end. 


We have our first Birmingham and London shows this year in the summer and we’re back at one of our favourite ever venues, Macguire’s Pizza Bar, in Liverpool for fuzz punks Saltwater Injection’s E.P release night organised by Antipop Records on 13th Feb. But before that we headline a Horn Hoof records night at The Blossoms in Stockport on Sat 30th January. Hopefully we’ll have a UK tour booked nearer the summer to promote the record as well.

MIMR: What would you say were the best moments for the band in 2015?

SDOS: Wow, there were loads. We played a lot last year and met a lot of really lovely people along the way. I think one of our favourite times was going down to Rochester, Kent and playing the last night of Homespun Festival. It was an awesome gig, we got to play with so many great bands and they were all so lovely to us and we got fed and watered and they provided us with some sweet shelter.  They’ve got a really great scene going on down there.  We also had a brilliant night playing in York for our friend Dan Gott of The Franceens, yet another place with a great scene and vibe.  Oh yeh and supporting the Lovely Eggs was cool, and the Nightingales, and Love Buzzard. They were all really nice☺ There are so many more but I would literally be going on for ages.


MIMR: Are they’re any new bands around at the moment that you think MIMR should keep an eye on?

SDOS: Yeh definitely, Drifts, Saltwater Injection, Bear Vs Manero, Punching Swans, Screenwives, Fighting, Mothers, Elmo And The Styx, James Kelly, Matt Gray And The Awful Truth, Shitwife, Silent Front, Locean, Dreams In Teal, Groves, Yr Friends, KILL RPNZL, Wax Futures, Duke Mercury, Delta Palms and loads I can’t remember right now.

MIMR: Thanks once again for talking with us and wish you all the success with the album. With any release they’re sure to be a launch party, what things are essential for a SDOS party?

SDOS: Music. N64. Playstation. Friends. Friends (the TV show). Cider. Lager. Rum. Whiskey. Not sure if I should divulge any more information, maybe a barbecue? ;)x

Here’s a playlist featuring some of the bands SDOS recommended in the interview, its pretty mega!


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