Hailing from Leeds, the next new band to be featured on MIMR in 2016 are Alt-Rockers NARCS. They’ve hit the ground running this year with gigs and future releases in progress too and we look forward to seeing them play very soon

I spoke to John from NARCS about what to expect from them in 2016 and the joys of touring

MIMR: Another new band on MIMR here, NARCS from Leeds. How was 2015 for the band?

John: Hello there. Very good thanks. Lots of ups and downs, smiles and frowns. We got to do our first UK tour, played Reading and Leeds festival and then lost most of our gear in the boxing day floods so it was a mixed bag really. We’ve had some of the gear repaired now so it’s not as bad as we first thought. Overall it was good man.


MIMR: How did you celebrate the new year and what can we expect from NARCS in 2016

John: We celebrated in style at Mark’s, our drummer’s house. Who’d of thought a drummer could organise a swanky NYE party with nibbles? We are currently in the middle of recording our 2nd album. It’s going well, we are adding the final touches to it now. We recorded it with Ed Heaton, he knows his onions when it comes to recording. He did our most recent single, Blue Bags and we can’t wait to get this album finished and out there.

MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play in Manchester next month, whats the best thing about performing live?

John: We can’t wait to get out on tour again. A week of nothing but petrol station food, beer and the Alan Partridge audiobook. Getting out and about, gigging up and down the country is great. You get to see a load of places you’ve never seen, play at a load of cool venues and meet some really nice people. It’s like a holiday but with a gig every night. There’s worse things we could be doing for a week.


MIMR: Whats your favourite gig venue you’ve played?

John: The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds is one of our favorites. We drink there regularly and it’s essentially a meeting place for the Leeds music scene. The main room at the Brude is generally one of the places that you aspire to play when you first start a band in Leeds.


MIMR: Great stuff, been a pleasure to have you on MIMR, what other bands do you think we should keep tabs on?

John: The pleasure is ours. Black Surf, Forever Cult and Tigercub are all worth discovering.


A special mention goes out to the last date on their tour at Gullivers, Manchester, which is hosted by my good pals Flat Plastic, a cracking line-up for this night, see you there! (FB event link below)


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