MIMR Band Chat: Easy Kill

2016 is proving already to be a fruitful year for new bands featuring on the blog and that’s certainly the case for this next band, the graceful sounds of Easy Kill. This year for the band has all the makings to be pretty important and MIMR is advising you to get on board.

I spoke to Ronan about the new EP, gigs and having friends in other bands

MIMR: Its great to have another top Manchester band on the blog, who are Easy Kill and what influences do you have on your music?

Ronan: Thanks for having us. For the purposes of this interview, Easy Kill is just me (Ronan) because nobody else really bothers with our emails, aside from that Easy Kill is five guys who meet in a room in central Manchester once a week with the intention of writing some pop songs. I’d say our influences often come from one another…we all listen to pretty related music, but everyone tends to have a slightly different focus. Theo loves wordsmiths in music (Nick Drake et. al) for example and I listen to a lot of post rock, which tends to omit any words at all. I guess that helps us reign each other in when one person starts to get a little carried away.


MIMR: You guys featured on MIMR Playlist recently with the new track ‘Samson’ which is taken from your new EP, how did the EP come together and are you excited to get it out to people?

Ronan: The EP was a bit of an accident to begin with. Our original idea was to go in to studio and get two songs together for a single. We were working with our now good friend Bob Cooper and ended up loving what he was doing so much that we decided to take two more songs in with him and turn it in to a ‘proper’ thing. Around about this time we were also chatting to the guys over at My Little Empire Records and they decided they’d want to take on the EP so it all fell in to place quite nicely. We’re definitely excited for people to hear it, this is the happiest we’ve ever been with a finished record…but I’d say that just a big an emotion right now is relief…it’s been such a long time in the making. The one thing is though, we’ve had it pressed to vinyl, so no matter what happens my grandkids are gonna hate Easy Kill more than anyone.


MIMR: Whats your favourite venue you’ve played as a band?

Ronan: I’d say our favourite collectively is Deaf Institute. We’ve all seen some of our favourite bands there over the years so getting on that stage for the first time was a little milestone moment for us, i guess. Our first headline there is next month too for the EP launch and we couldn’t be more stoked about that. We have to mention Fallow Cafe too, we’ve got a lot of connections to the place and it’ll always be our ‘home ground’.

MIMR: You play at Soup Kitchen in a few weeks time, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

Ronan: We do, this is gonna be our first show at Soup actually so we’re pretty excited, especially given the other bands…I’ve heard so much about O>L>A and they seem to be doing some really cool things for the music scene in Manchester but still haven’t had the chance to see them live. From one of our shows right now you can see something pretty new. We’ve just added a fifth member in Andy Keaveney. Andy’s come in on keys and is also playing a third guitar. Our live show has always tended to have a little bit more bark than our recorded work but with Andy in we’re getting closer to playing out exactly what we want to and have the bite to back it up.


MIMR: Thanks for your time and all the best with the EP and in 2016, what other bands around at the moment do you recommend to MIMR?

Ronan: As I said before, Fallow Cafe tends to be our home base so a lot of the bands and people associated with there. The bands Family Tree are putting on and the guys involved with that are doing a lot to bring some kind of real scene to the city, which in my opinion has been lacking for a few years. The Bear Around Your Neck and members of Fruit Bomb and Blooms all work with us there and I suppose we’re all hoping that in the next few years there’ll be a whole new staff stood behind the bar, I reckon that’s at least semi-plausible. Chris from Community works on the same street and they’re definitely worth checking out too. Our buds Church Party get a special mention. They’re gonna be playing our EP launch at Deaf Institute on February 26th and have just put out one of my favourite covers ever with a special little tribute the genius that was David Bowie.

It was a joy to feature Easy Kill on the blog. Pre-order the new EP ‘Sermons’ here


And here’s the FB event for the Soup Kitchen gig in a few weeks put on by my good friend at Passage, MIMR will be there, come down and hang with us!



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