MIMR Band Chat: Chris Tavener

Here’s what happened when MIMR spoke to Chris Tavener recently, where we chatted about live shows and his favourite artists

MIMR: Its a pleasure to have one of MIMR Sounds of 2016 acts, the brilliant Chris Tavener, thanks for joining us Chris, how was your xmas and new year?

Chris: It’s a pleasure to be one of your Sounds of 2016 acts! I had a great Christmas and New Year thank you. A short break from what has been a whirlwind few months of gigging. Back on it again now though…


MIMR: I see you already have a fair few gigs lined up in 2016, whats your favourite thing about performing live?

Chris: I think my favourite thing about performing live is having those moments when you really capture an audience’s intrigue and they all fall silent to see what you’ll do next. That’s when your adrenaline is highest! Either that, or when they’re making so much noise laughing. Not always a good thing in many artists eyes but in my case it is

MIMR: Who are the musicians out there who inspire you with your music?

Chris: So many artists! To name just a few I’d say Randy Newman, Loudon Wainwright The Third, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and Paolo Nutini


MIMR: If you could of written any song..ever which one would it be?

Chris: Again so many songs but this time I’m going to go with Things Have Changed by Bob Dylan. Even just those three words express so much let alone all the other fantastic lyrics in the song. The music is brilliant as well


MIMR: Thanks Chris for talking with us, hope to see you again on MIMR very soon. Away from music what other interests do you enjoy in your spare time?

Chris: Unfortunately I don’t afford myself much time outside of my music. Although I’m a writer, I write a satirical blog on my website about the week’s news in music. I have a degree in film so I still have a passion for film-making and cinema. I also go running a few times a week.


Thanks again to Chris for appearing on the blog and i reckon you check out his  website here, all news and his live shows in 2016 can be found and as revealed on my twitter this week Chris will be on the bill for the next MIMR Sunday Sessions next month, more info on that to come very soon


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