One of many very busy bands in 2016 are the excellent Trash from Chesterfield. New material, UK tour and i’m sure they will make many new friends along the way, it all looks very promising indeed.

MIMR chatted to them about their busy plans, angry mums and KT Tunstall

MIMR: Its great to have on MIMR ‘cheeky chaps’ TRASH. After a exciting 2015 for the band, what can we expect from you lot this year?

TRASH: Thanks for having us! We’re releasing a new single in February called ‘Workout’. It’s about this girl who turned round to me one day and said she didn’t wanna see me anymore so i tried to exercise to make myself feel better but going out and getting drunk with my friends sermed like a better idea. We’ve got some cool festivals lined up which should be fun. We’ve also nearly finished writing our third EP but can’t say too much about that yet. All i can say is that we’ve never been more proud of anything we’ve ever written before ever.


MIMR: You’ve described your music as being ‘Teenage Pop’ what kind of music were you listening to in your teens?

TRASH: We’re all still teens apart from our drummer brad. i used to be mad into KT tunstall when i was younger. I remember being in year 5 and my english teacher would go and see her live and take photos and print them off and give them to me. Very cool. She’s a bit shit now though. Sorry KT

MIMR: So you have this tour coming up with Plaza including a Manchester date in March, whats the best thing about playing Live?


TRASH: The Tour gonna be really good. it’s just gonna be a lads holiday but in England and i won’t have the anxiety that being on a plane brings. The best thing about playing live is seeing people singing along.  Even if it’s just my girlfriend, at least I know she cares enough to learn the words

MIMR: What bands would you recommend MIMR keeps an eye on in 2016?

TRASH: Trudy, plaza, breeze, Arctic monkeys, oasis


MIMR: Thanks again for talking to us, we hope you have a successful year. Do you have any funny stories from any previous gigs?

TRASH: We played with plaza in Newcastle last year and this girl drank a whole bottle of cherry lambrini and threw it all back up within about half an hour and everyone thought it was blood but it was cherry lambrini. having a young demographic brings cheap wine and angry mums.


TRASH play a Manchester date on their tour at The Castle Hotel and MIMR will be there. My good friends at Big Muff Promotions are putting one hell of a show so please join the event and bring your pals, fun and games guaranteed!



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