MIMR Playlist 14th Jan

Fruit Bomb ‘It Don’t Matter’

The best in new music is always guaranteed on MIMR with this latest Track from Fruit Bomb beginning this week’s Playlist. The Manchester/Sheffield garage quartet release ‘It Don’t Matter’ via Too Pure Singles Club late next month and it’s a charming slice of franatic, spirited punk with chaotic melodies and glowing vibes throughout. Watch these guys explode in 2016


The Orielles ‘Jobin’

MIMR favourites The Orielles feature once again on the blog with their hot off the press new single ‘Jobin’. Set for release March 25th via Art is Hard and it reconfirms many people’s view that this Surf pop trio are going to be ones to watch in 2016. Its a suplime mix of delightful vocals and fuzzed guitars that are full of bright sparks, a sound above and beyond the tender age of the trio. 2016 will be a big year for The Orielles guaranteed!


Bones Shake ‘Junk’

Bluesy-rock trio Bones Shake return to the playlist with the first glimpse off their 2nd Album which will be released in March. The title track to the record offers up more scuzz-fuelled moments and a sure sign that Bones Shake latest offerings will be pretty dam sweet. Growling vocals and a pulsating array of dirty riffs and crushing beats make for a intense experience. Get to their album launch on 5th March at Gullivers, Manchester, seeing these guys is a experience you don’t want to miss


Pinact ‘Scars’

One of MIMR newest discoveries bas been Scottish pop punk trio Pinact who look all set to continue to make great strides both here and further afield in 2016. This track is taken from last year’s ‘Stand Still and Rot’ album which gained widespread acclaim and rightly so. Catchy lyrics and distorted guitars are on display here, making it one to instantly stick in your brain. Everyone should be looking with very keen interest at these guys, no excuses!


Easy Kill ‘Samson’

The final track on this week’s Playlist is the new single from Alt-rock, 5-piece Easy Kill which was released this week (12.1.16). The track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Sermons’ out 26th February and its got all the makings of being something pretty special. Ghostly vocals accompanied by piercing guitars make for a beautiful and sparkling sound. We just need this EP now and i’ve got a good feeling it will shine bright, MIMR can’t wait


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