MIMR Band Chat: The Showers

One of the many exciting new bands to feature on MIMR recently are Macclesfield Indie-Rockers The Showers. With some gigs already announced this year and some new tunes to follow, 2016 promises to be a great year for the band

MIMR spoke to the guys about their plans, playing live and their favourite bands around at the moment

MIMR: We welcome The Showers to MIMR, happy new year! What plans do the band have for this year?

The Showers: Thanks for having us and happy new year to you too, we want to just play more gigs, write more songs, and smoke more Nickelback.


MIMR: Last year’s EP ‘Smile and the Trees Will Hold You’ featured in our best of EP’s list, were you happy with the reception it received?

The Showers: Yeah everybody seemed to like it, it was nice to get the response it had being the first thing we released as a band.


MIMR: What has been your favourite venue you’ve played?

The Showers: Kraak was sick whilst it was still going, we like The Castle, Fuel and The Old Pint Pot is chill, most of the venues around Manchester are good in their own way, so it’s hard to say


MIMR: Tell us about the live dates you have coming up and whats your favourite thing about playing live?

The Showers: So far we are playing on 30th Jan at The Old Pint Pot supporting MOVE, 2nd Feb at Fallow Cafe supporting Jimmy Whispers. We also have more unannounced dates to come including a headline show in April time.

Playing live is amazing, it is hard to compare it to anything else, it’s sick when everyone is going mad having a good time and the energy is hotter than Ainsley Harriott’s spicy meat (hehehe ye boi).


Here’s the FB event for this gig, get down early!


MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to MIMR, hope you have a successful year, any bands you like that you would recommend to check out?

The Showers: Go check out The Orielles (very sick) if you haven’t already, also keep your eyes out for The Roasts and PIINS who are our good pals.

Thanks very much for having us, peace.

Here’s some of their tunes:

and here’s the super new track ‘Bella’

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