MIMR Band Chat: Peaness

One of the best new bands to come to MIMR attention recently are the excellent Peaness. The Indie-pop trio from Chester are all set for big things in 2016 and were selected in our Sounds of 2016 list a few weeks ago

MIMR spoke to Jess from the band to discuss having fun, the success of last year’s EP and a very busy 2016


MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, lets start with the origins of the band and was it clear from the start what musical direction the band would take?

Jess: Hi MIMR, thanks for getting in touch! When we formed, we wanted to sound like a mix between Death From Above 1979 and Sex Bob Omb. So we’ve always wanted to be a fun, fast, pop band.

MIMR: You have your 1st Manchester show coming soon, next month infact, theres so many great venues in the city but which venue you’ve played is your favourite?

Jess: We’re very much looking forward to playing Manchester next month! We’ve heard some cool things about The Castle Hotel. As far as venues we have played in, we’ve been really lucky to of played a bunch of cool venues. Modern Art Gallery Oxford was our first ever show, so that’s in the top 5, but we’d have to say Telfords Warehouse in Chester. It’s got great sound, great beer, it’s in a great building, they pay and feed you, and all our friends came to see us, so it was a very special moment for the three of us.


MIMR: MIMR has enjoyed listening to last year’s superb EP, are you happy with the reception it has recieved?

Jess: Of course! It’s been pretty overwhelming to be honest. We released a couple tunes on Soundcloud and then we were being played on local, national and international radio stations, as well as appearing on a bunch of music blogs! We’ve had some great reviews too, and that’s always nice. We’re very happy people like it.


MIMR: What do the band have planned for 2016?

Jess: 2016 is pretty non stop for us (which is totally fine by us!) We’re getting booked up for gigs and festivals up and down the country, we’re releasing some newly recorded songs over the coming months and we’re releasing a 7″ single over in Canada on Kingfisher Bluez Records with No Fun EP songs “I’m not your problem” and “fortune favours the bold” as the B-side. Which is going to be so so exciting once it arrives (it’s currently being pressed!!!!)


MIMR: Where’s the best place to listen to some of your music?

Jess: We’re available across all online platforms including ITunes and Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, as well as SoundCloud. And if you’d like to buy our debut EP it’s on our Bandcamp. @PeanessBand


MIMR: Thanks for chatting with us and wish you well for this year. Did any of you have any new year’s resolutions?

Jess: As a band, we’ve said that one of us MUST learn to drive this year. Trains are not cool, it’s annoying lugging our stuff around, they’re expensive, and they’re a hazard to Rach’s knees. She recently took a tumble with her cymbals and snare and dislocated her knee! Eeep!


Get down early to catch the girls at this special Flat Plastic gig on the 5th February when they support Bruja, a chance to see them live before their following increases rapidly

Here’s the FB event for the gig


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