MIMR Band Chat: Bruja

A new year and some more interviews appear on the blog. Some exciting new bands will feature on MIMR in 2016, the 1st of which being the brill Bruja. The grunge trio from Barnsley head out on tour this month which includes a manchester show for my good friends at Flat Plastic Promotions at The Castle, which we highly recommend you attend!

MIMR spoke to Delyth from Bruja where we chatted about new year, favourite bands and what to expect from the live shows

MIMR: We welcome Bruja to the blog, so how did you guys bring in the new year and what excites you about 2016?

Delyth: Thank you! Happy new year!
We went down to a fancy dress party! It was great!! You can expect more shows, lots of new music!


MIMR: Tell us all about the sounds you aim to create and what influences do you have?

Delyth: We have a lot of new music in the works. Some of it is a little bit different than what we’ve done before but it’s exciting! Influences, we all like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine & Pixies.


MIMR: What was your most memorable moment for 2015?

Delyth: All of it to be honest, it was our first proper year as Bruja. We played loads of gigs and we also met lots of lovely people!

MIMR: What bands would you recommend we check out this year?

Delyth: Demob Happy, Allusondrugs, The Wytches, WOMPS.


MIMR: Thanks for being on MIMR, we look forward to your Manchester show next month. What can we expect from one of your live shows?

Delyth: Thank you for having us guys! Expect some spacious freak outs & lots of dancing ❤


Come down to The Castle on the 5th February to see Bruja in action with some fab support acts too and all for only £5, blimey!

Join Flat Plastic FB event here, another belting evening guaranteed!


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