MIMR Review of 2015: April

Our journey through the blog in 2015 brings us to April, where our attention was with the fantastic Focus Wales festival in Wrexham. 100+ acts desended on the town for 4 days of some of the best performances seen on the blog this year

As there were so many Band Chats on the blog i’ve chosen the best 3, here they are, enjoy!

Kidsmoke (MIMR featured band)

Firstly we had a chat with Lance from indie band Kidsmoke, who were also MIMR featured band for April. The Wrexham/Manchester quartet had recently released their superb EP ‘So Long, Emptiness’ (featured in top 10 of MIMR Best EPs list) and Lance told us about the EP launch gigs as well as looking forward to Focus Wales. Their performance on the friday night of the festival was pretty special and we look forward to more of the same in 2016



John Mouse

One of the stand out performers of the festival was the highly-entertaining John Mouse. Prior to his set at Focus he spoke to us about postive/negative reviews plus his tips of what bands to see at the festival. His set at Central Station was one of the best of the 4 days, certainly one to put a smile on your face. With some new shows announced early 2016 will be sure to keep a close eye on JM this year.



Horizons Cymru

MIMR had the privledge to speak to Bethan Elfyn, radio DJ and project manager at Horizions. Bethan explained the project which showcases some of the best music to come out of wales and she also set the scene for their line up at Focus Wales. The acts lived up to all expectations at the festival proving that their was some very talented musicians in wales. We look forward to who makes the list in 2016.



MIMR Band Chat The Big Gone

One of MIMR favourite international bands of 2015 dropped into MIMR to speak to us about their new release ‘And How She Gave Me Life’. Claire and Nick also told us about the L.A music scene and playing live. MIMR enjoyed their music last year, if you get a chance check it out!

MIMR Radar

The Parrots

Sheer Mag

Death Valley Girls

MIMR Playlist

Here are the best tracks from MIMR playlist this month

Kidsmoke ‘Buffalo’

Duke Mercury ‘Itchy’

The Big Gone ‘Worst Job’

Darma ‘Perputal Seizures’

Gorj ‘Go’

Pretty Vicious ‘It’s Always There’

The Mantells ‘Payday Playboys’

Scholars ‘Explode’

Spring King ‘Dream Boy’

I will finish this review with some of the best pics from Focus Wales 2015, this year’s event ain’t too far away and all coverage will be right here on the blog


The Wobbly Hearts

Danny Gruff



The Echo and The Always

Baby Brave

Black Honey

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