MIMR Review: President Ray-Gun ‘Sex, Ray-Guns and No Delay EP


We are fast approaching the release of this awaited array of tracks from Alt-Rock foursome President Ray-Gun who have been a regular act on the blog in recent months. This EP has already been placed in the end of year best of list last week and deservedly so. Sex, Ray-Guns and No Delay includes 6 tracks that take you on a tour of the bands musical influences and what makes the band so enjoyable to listen to and see live. Lucky H begins with delicate vocals from lead singer Zachary before breaking out into a stomping, atmospheric chorus, full of charming melodies, the perfect start to the EP. Supernova  Remnant’ follows up a similiar trail, with gliding riffs and haunting harmonies which give their sound a satisfying feel and one to come back to again and again.

Recent Single Knowhere and MIMR favourite is next on the scene, catchy riffs and perfect vocal combo make for a enthralling track, simple but very effective, Alt-Rock at its best. Next is possible the heaviest song on the entire EP, Giant Haystacks with its pulsating guitars and super basslines give this track a real edge and MIMR digs it


Out and Down is the penultimate track of the EP and takes it down a notch or two but still delivers in every way. The track featured on MIMR Playlist a few months back and demonstrates delighful lyrics and that warm feeling that only certain songs can do.


The climax to the EP is the Art brut-esque tribute No Delay which Zachary delivers to a tee, Mr Argos would be proud. Its another great track that showcases the feel good feeling of the whole EP. This track was also the final song they played at MIMR Sunday Sessions last month and its a rousing end to a superb EP, No Delay and listen to it folks


Listen to the EP here:


Get all the latest from the band here:


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