MIMR Band Chat: Luna Rosa

Indie Rock n Rollers Luna Rosa are next up on MIMR Band Chat. The Corby foursome have caused a stir with their fantastic EP, which was No.20 in MIMR recent best EPs list

MIMR got a few words with the band about the EP and much more

MIMR: Who are Luna Rosa and how did the band come together?

LR: Cole O’Neill, Kieran Maguire, Darren Myles & Rory McDade. A man known as the noisemaker was putting together an art collective, he said it was to demonstrate the lost art of rebellion within society. ” People have become too comfortable with themselves being an extension of technology and not technology being an extension of them. Everyone’s forgetting to look up and into the sky, where dreams fly. Everyone’s forgetting to create and push boundaries, therefor restricting themselves to morph into the next stage. Got any seeds mate?” The band went to school with this great man also known as Adam “Noisemaker” Binley, he put the group together with a vision of raucous intent. He soon had to move to London to follow the love of his life, never to be seen again. So the band carried on trying to fulfill his vision.


MIMR: Tell us about the debut EP, how was it made?

LR: We recorded 4 of the songs in Northampton with Colde & Loveless at The Lodge studios and the other two were recorded in Farheath Studios outside of Northampton with Angus Wallace. We had the songs all rehearsed before we went in, but we also had a few ideas that we couldn’t perform live. Some worked out some didn’t, but its all trial and error with things like that. The difficulty with recording in two studios was that we were always going to have two different sounds. I think the way the E.P moves the change in sound isn’t too drastic. I think the E.P is filled with songs of different moods, although they all fit together the mood changes slightly through each song, which is a good thing. It means it isn’t boring


MIMR: Whats your favourite venue you’ve played a gig at?

LR: We like hometown shows the best, just because of the atmosphere and the size of the crowds. But we’ve played in some pretty nice places. We played a gig in a converted church in High Wycombe which had more reverb than any piece of technology could give you! we also played a converted Tram shed, it wasnt the best gig but it was an amazing building.

MIMR: How big of a part does social media play in promoting yourselves as a band?

LR: It helps with getting the word out, obviously songs and videos online are a great way of getting exposure and getting people interested. But all of it doesn’t really matter to us unless people are getting down the gigs. Otherwise it all seems a bit fake and a bit of a farce. We try whenever we play to get posters out or contact people before hand to spread the word. Social media does help but its not everything.


MIMR: Do any of the band have any guilty pleasures when it comes to music?

LR: Darren has so many guilty pleasures he doesn’t even feel guilty. Soon as we crash and burn he’s going to be a wedding DJ.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, thoroughly enjoying the EP. Xmas just round the corner do you have a favourite xmas song?


LR: Thank you very much! no not really, they’re all pretty shit aren’t they?

Check the latest with Luna Rosa here:


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