MIMR Band Chat: Turf

One of the best new Manchester bands around at the moment are Alt-rockers Turf. Their EP has been on repeat here at MIMR and we look forward to their future plans

MIMR spoke to Danny from Turf to talk more about this and much more

MIMR: Thanks for being on MIMR, how did Turf come about and what influences do you have on your sound?

Danny Turf came about from me and my brother recording stuff on a ‘Talkboy’, a toy from the popular film ‘Home Alone 2’. We did some interesting stuff, speeding up our voices, slowing them down, it was back in mid nineties though, so we’ve kind of honed our style now. We got Alex in to play bass, and Alex in to play drums, at the beginning of this year. That’s when things started to take a more cohesive shape. Like the shape of Kevin Costner’s lip when he’s showering in a waterfall some might say.
Sonic Youth were a big influence, which I know is what everyone says, but just can’t deny it. All of those American underground indie bands from the 80s. I got to see J Mascis, the Meat Puppets and the Melvins this year and last year, I saw and met Mike Watt, so that’s been really class. Just any band that begins with ‘M’ is usually good. Especially M People, listening to them is like one night in heaven.


MIMR: What can any new followers expect from one of your live shows?

Danny: Live shows are pretty loud and high energy, full of mistakes, but who gives a shit? No one knows the songs any way. One time Alex dropped his drum stick, but he picked it up really quickly so no one noticed. That was pretty nuts.


MIMR: Realy liking the EP at the moment. How was this produced?

Danny: The EP was recorded and mixed by Martin Hurley at the Sways Fuhrer Bunker in Salford, in July. He is very good, and a great guy. He knew exactly what we wanted, no fannying around, just very pure. We did it over a weekend, no real stress really apart from a mysterious box of cat food. Everyone was asking “who brought the cat food?”, we didn’t know. To this day I still don’t know, but I’d feel silly phoning up to ask if they ever did find out.

MIMR: Whats been your highlight as a band this year?

Danny: Highlight of the year for Turf, was probably a recording we did in our old front room in Withington. We all got really hammered and our good friend Pete Crowder, recorded us. It was really DIY, in the sense that Handy Andy was there, off of Changing Rooms. Pete became obsessed with the Vedas, and is currently mixing the tracks in the Indus Valley in North West India, and I seriously wish I was lying about that. Doing the video for ‘Laconic’ was a lot of fun too, with big Callum Scott Dyson in the director’s chair, acting as if he was Spike Milligan.

MIMR: What does 2016 hold for Turf?

Danny: This coming year there are plans to gig extensively, and record, and get some t shirts printed, and some tapes pressed, do you press tapes? I don’t know, but it seems like a cheap option, and I’ve got a little boombox to play them on. The CD bit on it is knackered though.


MIMR: Thanks again for talking to us at MIMR, With christmas fast approaching, do you have a favourite xmas song?

Danny: The best christmas song of all time is ‘Santo Natale’ by David Whitfield. He recorded it in his bathroom in Wednesbury, in 1961, apparently whilst evacuating his bowels, but he never admitted it

Check out the latest on Turf here:


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