MIMR Band Chat: Hey Bulldog

MIMR favourite Psych-Rockers Hey Bulldog return to the blog to tell us about their year and their belting new single. Bassist Matt explains all

MIMR: Welcome once again to the blog, what have Hey Bulldog been up to since the last time you were on MIMR? I hear you have a new single

Matt: Yeah, we have a new single out called ‘Under My Spell’ so we’ve been doing a few gigs promoting that and playing live is something we all love to do. We used a new studio (crack studios) in Manchester to record the single and it was mixed by Boe Weaver who did our last single, they have worked with people like Archie Bronson Outfit and Wolf People so we are really happy with how it’s turned out.


MIMR: How well has this year been for the band and what plans do you have for next year?

Matt: At the start of the year we wanted to work on some new material so we slowed down the gigging to concentrate on that. We then got to play the Psych Fest at Night & Day, around the last time we spoke, which was a really good way to debut the new songs. We got a great reception and really enjoyed ourselves that night. We’ve played with some great bands this year, people like the lucid dream, sundowners, Piano Wire, TVAM, a special Halloween set with Slug at Deaf Institute, Howlin Rain and had an amazing gig in Salford with Fuzz Club Records 10000 Russos.
We have had a great response to the single so far being on radio X as John Kennedy’s ‘Xposure Hot One’  and getting some great AirPlay on several amazing radio shows, Last weekend we played a double set gig in Nottingham’s Jam Cafe to celebrate the single release then finished the year off at the Night & Day cafe with Otherkin and a few other great bands. We’re spending the next few weeks before Xmas working on new material before we start rehearsing again next year and working on our next release.


MIMR: What other bands have you guys been enjoying lately

Matt: After too long now I’ve finally pulled out my old vinyl player and collection so I’ve been playing a lot of the classics, Bowie, Patti Smith, The Kinks, but I’ve also been loving Thom Yorke’s solo work and Arcade Fire on vinyl, the rich, full bodied sound it gives. Other bands I’ve been enjoying are Courtney Barnett, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Dead Weather and I love the soundtrack to Frank, the film inspired by Frank Sidebottom.


MIMR: Thanks for talking to us, very happy about the new single and wish you a verry happy 2016. Do you have a favourite christmas song

Matt: This is a tough one because I love Christmas songs. I get really into them for one month of the year (June… ha, not really) So here is a snippet of some of my choice Christmas songs:
I believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake
Keeping the dream alive – Freiheit
Pipes of peace – Paul McCartney
Happy Xmas (war is over) – John Lennon
Ring out solstice bells – Jethro Tull
And anything from the Home Alone soundtrack but mainly Oh Holy Night

Check out Hey Bulldog’s new single right here


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