MIMR Band Chat: Darma

MIMR has witnessed many exciting new bands in Manchester this year, this next band are up there as one of the most enthralling live acts around. We got to speak to the band about their year and what to expect from their live show


MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, what have the band been up to recently?

Darma: Hi there! These last few months have seen us pretty much exclusively gigging and getting our name around and about in Manchester, and around the country infact. We’ve played some awesome gigs with Broken Hands, Tigercub and Love Buzzard. The last few weeks have seen us begin to put in some solid groundwork for 2016; every year we aim to improve on the last and this year has seen us played on the radio, on TV and been in the MEN so next year we’re hoping for even more, and obviously more gigs!


MIMR: What can people expect from one of your live shows?

Darma: It’s so hard to describe without using all the cliches… We pride ourselves on our live set, it’s our biggest asset. We put all our energy into every gig, if you haven’t left everything you’ve got on the stage by the end of the gig then you’re doing your fans and the people who have paid an injustice. People don’t just pay to see music played, they want a performance, something they’ll remember and that’s what we aim for. That and bleeding ears – we like being loud.



MIMR What’s your favourite venue to gig at?

Darma: That’s a tough one. Night and Day has become our spiritual home, we’ve played there more than anywhere else and our last outing there was our “What the Fuzz?!” night in the summer, which was without doubt our best gig to date. We like Gullivers too, we’re always really loud there! We liked the Roadhouse but unfortunatley that’s no longer operating as a venue, the same as the Lomax in Liverpool, which had some of the nicest, most down to earth owners we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The Dublin Castle in Camden is a great venue for unsigned acts too, but I think Night and Day is the venue we look at most fondly.

MIMR: When not playing in Darma what do you do in your spare time?

Darma: Spare time is something we rarely have! The three of us work full time jobs to enable us to buy the best gear we can, pay for fuel to gigs, and the rent on our rehearsal room, which is where we spend most nights of the week beavering away at our song crafting, practicing our set or recording new songs.


MIMR: Thanks for taking time out to speak to us, which new bands would you recommend we have a listen to?

Darma: We really, really like a band called Sewer Rats from Grimsby, they’re one of the best live acts we’ve ever shared a stage with, as are False Advertising. We played with a band called Youth Man recently, they’re from Birmingham and completely blew us away with an amazing set. When we’re in the car we’ve been listening to Demob Happy (try Succubus on for size) and Dinosaur Pile Up too, there seems to be a decent scene at the minute with bands like God Damn, Drenge, Darlia and Slaves bursting out into the mainstream.

Keep updated with Darma here:


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