MIMR Band Chat: Bones Shake

Ahead of their gig supporting Mothers in Manchester next week (27.11) gritty, blues maestros Bones Shake spoke to MIMR about what to expect from the trio at The Castle on 27th

Lead singer David explains all

MIMR: MIMR presents Manchester’s Bones Shake to the blog, cheers for being here. Whats 2015 been like for the band?

David: Really good, released the album in the new year and then we’ve just been gigging incessantly since then. Highlight was probably the weeklong tour of France in Summer, they seemed to like us over there. Being a huge Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers fan it was also pretty special supporting Walter Lure on the Manchester leg of his tour.


MIMR: Were you happy with the reception the ‘Kicks’ record received? Its damn awesome btw

David: Thanks very much! That’s the first bit of feedback we’ve had so yeah, we’re pretty happy. ‘Kicks’ was difficult for us to make, we hate polished studio recordings we wanted to capture the feel of the live shows so it was recorded it live in one day. We’re all pleased with it and we assume everyone else is too. Our new album ‘Junk’ is out in the new year on Abattoir Blues Records.


MIMR: What creative influences do you have on your sound as a band?

David: Mainly blues, trash and punk artists such as The Stooges, New York Dolls,  The Fall, The Birthday Party, JSBX to name but a few. We like bands where even on record you can feel the intensity, the menace and the sheer raw power of the music. They’re the all or nothing bands, they play and perform like their lives depended on it. We try and carry that over into our music, if we look and sound like we like don’t give a fuck then why should we expect anyone else to.


MIMR: What’s your favourite Manchester venue you’ve played?

David: Any venue where there’s minimal separation between us and the audience so we can really bring the performance to you but Soup Kitchen’s probably our current favourite. It’s dingy which suits us and the sound’s great. You can catch us there on Jan 24th supporting Night Beats, an awesome psych, garage band from Seattle.


MIMR: Thanks for sharing with MIMR, i’m spreading the word around the city of you guys. Are they’re any other upcoming bands that you like?

David: Any artists currently on Abattoir Blues Records, check it out at http://www.abattoirblues.com and listen for yourselves, then buy all their stuff….and ours, it’s awesome (see question 2)

Here’s all the info you need for the Big Muff Promotions gig next week, its going to be a bit special


Follow and check out Big Muff Promotions future events here


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