MIMR Band Chat: Junk

This Edgy Indie pop duo from York are currently struting their stuff with a string of dates around the UK and certainly not a band to be missed. Junk headline Big Muff Promotions gig at Fallow Cafe (19/11) and MIMR will be there to grab all the highlights from the evening

I was very lucky to get a few words with Estella from the band ahead of their Manchester show

MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, who are Junk and what influences do you have on your sound?

Estella: Hey there! JUNK. are Estella Adeyeri and Danny Barton. Our influences are noise-pop garagey-type stuff with a hint of 60s girl groups in there.


MIMR: This year must of been pretty busy with the release of your 2nd EP ‘Liquorice’ in May. Tell us how the EP came together and what changes in approach did you make with this record

Estella: We mostly kept to the same DIY ethos that we had for our first EP, ‘Car’ – we recorded it all ourselves, Danny mixed all of the tracks and his brother James mastered the EP. ‘Car’ was recorded in an artist’s studio, whereas ‘Liquorice’ was recorded at our local rehearsal space Melrose Yard so I think it maybe sounds a little bit tidier than our first effort as we got to use all Melrose’s nice gear, and use a drum kit that wasn’t falling apart (Danny’s kit has a floor tom that just topples over at random, comical but not really conducive to the task at hand).


The songs where I sing lead on ‘Liquorice’ are more mellow than the first EP too I think. Things have been pretty steady since the release of ‘Liquorice’, we’re on a little mini-tour this month in support of the recent release of our 2nd single from it, ‘Dennis Wilson’. I think this November has been our busiest period gig-wise this year, and we’re loving it!


MIMR: Whats been your most memorable gig this year?

Estella: It’s hard to pick just one really! Indietracks was a highlight for me (Estella) – we played the Church Stage, in front of pews of people politely watching which was nice but quite surreal! The whole festival just has a really great positive vibe to it, and we saw loads of great bands so it holds a lot of good memories for me. We played the Brudenell for the first time this Halloween, which is a local-ish venue to us that we love so that was really exciting, the line-up was insanely good too (Metz, Mitski, Protomartyr, Crows etc). Also playing with The Go! Team was another favourite – they are incredible live, they’re all ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalists and had the whole venue dancing. (I’m aware this is three gigs now and not one, sorry, but 2015’s been surprisingly good to us!)


MIMR: Are they’re any bands you’ve played with recently that you recommend MIMR checks out?

Estella: Yeah loads but I’ll try not to waffle on! Most recently Don’t, who are on the same label as us (Chud Records, a Leeds-based cassette label), Eugene Gorgeous (from York – really young and really good), The Graphite Set (London-based), Chorusgirl (London-based with a great new album out on Fortuna Pop, we play their album launch the night before we head to Manchester).

MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR, looking forward to seeing you play in Manchester, hope the other gigs are going well. What does the band do between shows to relax?

Estella: We’re both in other bands too so that keeps us pretty busy! Otherwise just hanging out with friends, having a few drinks always goes down well, also supporting our friends’ creative projects and going to see other bands.

Pop along to this gig tomorrow evening, you won’t regret it


Check out all the pics from the gig on the blog this week

Follow my friends Big Muff Promotions here and check their future events: https://mobile.twitter.com/clubbigmuff

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