MIMR Review: Baby Brave ‘Tacky Birthday


Release Date: 21st November

Record Label: Drum With Our Hands

It’s safe to say that MIMR has been waiting on tenderhooks for this record and finally my favourite noise-pop four piece have delivered this superb 2nd EP ‘Tacky Birthday’ released through the fantastic Drum With Our Hands. The follow up to the Wrexham quartet’s debut EP ‘King Horse’ has unleashed a bolder, more explosive sound which grips you tight and doesn’t cease to loosen throughout 5 mesmerising tracks.


Alone in Tokyo” is the opening track to strut its stuff and from first beat to last makes a lasting impression. Blistering vocals and grinding riffs make for a uplifting spectacle and its striking harmonies that make it pleasing to the ears. Next up at the party is the infectious ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ which begins with delightful vocals and delicate grooves which are suddenly taken over by the powerful, heavier elements of Baby Brave that are executed perfectly.


‘Shinichi Kudo’ continues the excellent work that has been achieved with this record. The track glides along with blissful melodies and cutting guitars and takes you on a enjoyable and rich journey into what makes Baby Brave such a breath of fresh air. ‘Traxx’ kicks in with clinical, crisp vocals and a instant feeling of joy is felt which is evident throughout listening to the entire EP.


The climax to ‘Tacky Birthday’ is the piercing and effortlessly brilliant ‘Mimic My Shins’ and it grabs you immediately, engulfing you into Baby Brave’s spell. Its just a very good pop song with heartfelt meaning and  perfectly brings the curtain down on a record which can’t help but make you smile and feel about the world, come on everyone join the party!


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