MIMR Band Chat: Mothers

MIMR Band Chat is back and we are here to introduce the fantastic Mothers. They play The Castle, Manchester on the 27th of this month as the headline act for Big Muff Promotions, it’s got the makings of a great night

I spoke to Roanne from the band about this year and what to expect from Mothers at The Castle next week

MIMR: Thanks for talking to us, who are Mothers and how best would you describe your sound?

Roanne: Mothers are Jack Evans, Roanne Wood and Lewis O’Neill and we’re a Noise Rock Trio from Widnes. Our sound is very much guitar based with super duper drums coming from our amazing drummer Lew. We like to play loud.

MIMR: Whats the latest with the band and has 2015 treated you well?

Roanne: 2015 has been an important year for us. We changed our name to Mothers on 1st January 2015 and it couldn’t have gone better. We’re treated like this new band that people kinda know about. We have changed our sound slightly from when we were called Aeroplane Flies High. You can tell it’s the same band but I guess it’s not as ‘pop’. If it ever was pop? We’re just playing music we want to hear which is really noisy guitar music. But 2015 is the year we started Recording our debut album at Brock N Broll with Whalley the nicest guy ever. All music and Vox are done, just going in at the weekend to go over mixing. It will be out mid 2016 on Mountains Of Records on Vinyl and CD. WE CAN’T WAIT.

MIMR: You recently played the ACP festival in Manchester, how did that go and do you enjoy playing in Manchester?

Roanne: We love playing in Manchester. It’s got a great music scene and of course lots of cool venues. ACP went amazingly well. We love Matthew and everything about ACP. We played the previous year which was also a fantastic gig so we weren’t expecting to play this year. Lucky for us a band pulled out so we got asked. The show was boss, lots of people, great sound, great sound guy, couple of free beers! The crowd were made up with us, so what more could you ask for? Also a lot of our friends play ACP so it was fun seeing them. We’re playing in Manchester a couple of times this month. We’re supporting Teeth of Sea and Hey Colossus this Friday at Islington Mill and the following Friday we’re playing  a Big Muff Show at The Castle.


MIMR: What records of this year have you enjoyed listening to?

Roanne: For me personally it has to be Wolf Alice. I’m really bad with new music and I often have a stubborn approach to it. All these new bands you hear that just sound like some other band I like from the 90s so why would I want to listen to the new version? But yeah, I really enjoy Wolf Alice’s album ‘My Love Is Cool’ from start to finish. It’s really well put together and you have to enjoy an over produced album every now and then. They’re a great band and they’ve been touring loads, write great songs and don’t sound like anyone who is out at the minute so I think they deserve all the great cred they’ve been getting.
I’ve also enjoyed both USA Nails albums. They’re boss! If I was to speak for the lads, Lew is well into Mac De Marco and Jack doesn’t really listen to a lot of new music either but I know they both love the USA Nails album too. Jack likes bands like Trumans Water, Part Chimp, Glenn Branca! OHHHH and The Lovely Eggs – This Is Our Nowhere was released this year and that’s bloody sooo good. What a great band. We will always send love out to our bezzies Stilts who are also working on their debut.


MIMR: Whats been your favourite gig venue you’ve played?

Roanne: We love JT Soar in Nottingham, it’s a tiny little ex fruit and Veg warehouse with DIY ethics. It’s always a good night there and we get to play as loud as we want which is always good. The Brudenell Social Club is THE venue though, right? We would play there every day if we could.

MIMR: Thanks once again for chatting with us, we look forward to your gig at The Castle. Do any of the band have any pre-gig routines or superstitions before going on stage?

Roanne: haha, that’s an interesting question! ermm, the band in general consists of a lot of trumps (not from my behalf) so that wouldn’t be any different I suppose. When we arrive at a venue, the first thing Lew wants to know if there’s stairs to the venue or not. If there is, it’s going to be a bad night. If not, it’s a good night. (this is a joke) But it’s due to our big cabs haha. Sometimes once we’re on stage, before we play the first song we all join our devil horns like some rock ritual.

Check this gig out and come down and join us!

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More interviews from the other acts playing The Castle gig coming soon to the blog

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