MIMR Band Chat @ACPFestival 2015: Goda Tungl

The last band to be featured in our special band chats with acts playing ACP 2015 are the superb Goda Tungl. Having featured on the blog before their youthful and fresh style has earned them a place at this years festival. Sadly the band have had to pull out of their headline spot at next month’s Sunday Sessions but their set at The Castle will more than make up for it i’m sure

I had a quick chat to Scott about the festival and who he is looking forward to seeing over the weekend

MIMR: Welcome back to MIMR, so whats been the latest in the Goda Tungl camp since we last spoke?

Scott: Hey again! Quite a lot actually, we released our second EP “Zoo Bar”, played some great gigs, and Tom and Sam moved to Leeds.


MIMR: You were a late addition to this year’s ACP. Whats it mean to play such a popular festival?

Scott: It means a lot!! We kind of harassed Matthew until he let us play (sorry Matthew) because the festival’s just great. A lot of bands that we love are playing and to be honest it’s a real honour to be on the line up.


MIMR: So many great bands playing this year ACP, do you have any favourites that you recommend to go and see?

Scott: We were really gutted when Joey Fourr dropped out because we all love him 😦 but otherwise Cassels, Blooms and The Orielles are all amazing so everyone should go and see them. As well as us please.

MIMR: Thanks again for being on the blog and great stuff with the new EP. What will the future hold for the band?

Scott: Hopefully we’ll carry on making music that we love and playing gigs, supporting some cool people hopefully! Thanks again for having us!


You can this young fellows at one of my favourite venues The Castle today at 14.30

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