MIMR Band Chat @ACPFestival 2015: The Spook School

We continue our Band Chats with some of the best acts playing ACP this year with the excellent Indie-pop quartet The Spook School from Edinburgh. They’ve recently released a new record which is pretty damm good and are a band you must see at this year’s festival

I spoke to the band about this year and their excitement over ACP

MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, What have the band been up to this year?

TSS: We’ve had a bit of a wild time. We toured America, met Laura Jane Grace, made a wee film with Rolling Stone and released an album called Try to be Hopeful. It has been a heady mixture of nerves and excitement!


MIMR: I’m looking forward to your set at ACP, what can people expect from one of your live shows?

TSS: Queer noise, Adam jumping up and down, and a drummer who will mysteriously lose clothes as the show progresses!

MIMR: Whats your favourite part about playing a festival?

TSS: Getting to see loads of other ace bands! Carefully planned in particular is a real festival of riches!


MIMR: Thanks for being on MIMR, your latest album is on repeat at the moment. Do you have a favourite album from this year?

TSS: Radisson blue by two white cranes is just so human and relatable and full of such finely crafted pop songs.


The Spook School play Gullivers at 22.45 on Saturday

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