MIMR Band Chat @ACPFestival 2015: LIINES

We continue our selection of amazing bands playing this year’s ACP Festival with the fantastic LIINES from Manchester. Lets get straight to the Band Chat, a must see band at the festival this weekend

MIMR: We welcome LIINES to MIMR, how are we today? So who are LIINES and how did the band come together?

Steph: LIINES are a post-punk 3-piece made up of Zoe (guitar & vocals); Steph (bass) and Leila (drums). 

Leila: Zoe and Steph have known each other since primary school and have been playing music since their late teens (separately and together). I met them about 6 years ago and we got on straight away.

Zoe: We started LIINES early last year and have been busy writing music and gigging since then.


MIMR: What’s the latest with the band and has 2015 been a good year so far?

Leila: It’s been a great year for us so far. We kicked off 2015 playing a great festival in Munich and have been gigging, touring Europe and writing new songs.

Steph: Other highlights for us have been supporting a fantastic and talented Scandinavian band, Nelson Can (http://nelsoncan.com) on their UK tour; headlining Crossing Europe film festival from the top of a glass building in Linz, Austria, and more recently headlining a local pub in Chorlton as part of a Scruff of the Neck Record’s showcase.

Zoe: We recently covered a track for Cleopatra Records’ (Los Angeles). It’s for ‘A Riot Grrrl Christmas Compilation,’ which will be released on the 30th October; and we’ll also be releasing a single, Never There. We’ll be celebrating this with a gig at the Night & Day, Manchester, on Saturday 21st November, again with Scruff of the Neck Records. We’re playing with The Tones, Midnight Suns and Beat The Bandit. Tickets are on sale (http://goo.gl/6Wersp) and you can find more info here: http://on.fb.me/1VgOr1i.

MIMR: ACP Festival is in its fifth year, how does it feel to be selected to play such a big city festival.

Zoe: We are really excited to have been selected to play. We love festivals and ACP feels special – because it’s in our hometown and across venues we’ve been watching bands play in since we were young. There seems to be a lot of fondness around this festival – in Manchester and further afield.

Steph: It’s really lovely to be invited to be a part of something homegrown and grassroots – we’re looking forward to experiencing such a great selection of venues and artists.

Leila: The team involved have been fantastic. As the others said, it’s great to be involved in something with so many great bands and with such a great buzz building around it – we can’t wait.


MIMR: Now, you’re playing at Texture on Sunday, a new venue for me for sure. Do you guys have a favourite gig venue in Manchester?

Zoe: Texture looks like a really interesting space – we’re looking forward to playing there. Our set is at 8.15PM on Sunday. Some of our favourite venues to play have been The Castle, which has great atmosphere, and The Roadhouse before I closed earlier this year.

Leila: In terms of watching gigs, the Hop & Grape (now the Academy 3) has been one of my favourites since I moved to Manchester as a student.

Steph: Manchester has such a good choice of independent gig and art venues, which I really like. Islington Mill is probably my favourite – it has a great look and atmosphere.

MIMR: Great to talk to you on the blog, wish you all the best for ACP, what do you guys enjoy doing away from the band?

Steph: Thanks for featuring us on the blog. When we’re not creating music together we spend our time in lots of different ways. I drive a van around the country collecting knowledge, to form part of an online human encyclopaedia. I’m also interested in politics, playing the piano and I love to read.

Zoe: Aside from the band I like going to gigs and I DJ too.

Leila: We’ve loved being able to play in Europe, which is a great way to travel and see places and meet people we might not have otherwise. So definitely travelling.


ACP at Texture, 8.15PM Sunday 18th October: http://on.fb.me/1M5GzL7

Night & Day, Saturday 21st November: http://on.fb.me/1VgOr1i

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