MIMR Band Chat @ACPFestival 2015: Mowbird

We welcome once again to the blog the fantastic Mowbird who head to ACP next week with every aim to put on something special and MIMR can’t wait

I spoke to Ben about the festival and some exclusive Mowbird news too

MIMR: So whats the latest with Mowbird, any exclusive news you can give us?

Ben: We’ve just come off the back of opening the Far Out stage at Green Man (which was h-u-g-e), so we’re working on the second of two releases we’ve got in the works – at least one of them is coming this year and features songs about “Voids”


MIMR: Looking forward to seeing you play at this year’s ACP Festival, how does it feel to be selected for a big city festival?

Ben: It’s pretty amazing! ACPF is the last in a run of shows cancelled last year for us that we’ve replayed this year, so it’s a big deal for us. We’re mega grateful to have another chance to do what we love and intend to put on a killer show.


MIMR: Theres bit of a Wrexham takeover with yourselves, Mechanical Owl and Baby Brave all playing ACP too, does this fact go someway to say that the music scene in Wrexham is in a good place right now?

Ben: It’s doing pretty well! It’s good that we’re succeeding outside of Wrexham. As well as us and the Drum With Our Hands gang (Baby Brave, Mechanical Owl), Seazoo are tearing things up, Lovers Open Fire are representing at Swn this year and The Roseville Band are about to head out to Canada again! It’s important that the scene stays fresh and remains a breeding ground for newer bands to carry on when we’re all *retired*


MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR once again, always a pleasure, are they’re any other bands on the ACP line-up that you would recommend?

Ben: As well as the aforementioned Baby Brave and Mechanical Owl, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura and Best Friends!


They play Soup Kitchen on Sunday at 17.15!

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