MIMR Band Chat @ACPFestival 2015: The Hyena Kill

Newcomers to MIMR are Manchester, super-charged Rock duo The Hyena Kill and are for sure to be one of the must see bands of the ACP weekend next week.

MIMR spoke to Lead singer Steve about the festival and their amazing year so far

MIMR: Great to have you guys on MIMR, can you describe The Hyena Kill in a few words to anyone who might be seeing you for the 1st time at ACP?

Steve: Dirty, loud, filthy riffs with massive solid beats. ( occasional shouting)

MIMR: Hows this year been for the band and what can we expect from you in the future?

Steve: This year has been amazing for us. We have pretty much been on a role since we released our double A side “still sick/Blisters” in March. Played some amazing shows. We took the summer off to record our debut album witch will be out next year.

As far the rest of the year goes we have some cool shows lined up, including carefully planned festival and a headline show at the deaf institute with our good friends false advertising as main support. Then its all about getting everything ready for the album release.


MIMR: What would you say is your favourite gig venue you’ve played as a band?

Steve: Easily the classic grand in glasgow, that place just has an amazing atmosphere to it.

MIMR: Now your one of the must-see bands of the weekend but which other bands playing the festival do you think deserve special attention?

Steve: So many but here goes… Alpha male tea party, cleft, false advertising, axes and sweet deals on surgery.


MIMR: Great stuff, thanks for being on MIMR, cant wait to be blown away by your set at ACP, its in its 5th year now, whats the best thing about playing a such a festival?

Steve: No worries, its our first time playing it to be honest so we are really excited about it. best thing is being able to play on a bill with so many awesome bands, and be able to spend a weekend watching quality live music right on our doorstep.

The Hyena Kill play Mint Lounge Saturday 16.30

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