MIMR ACP Festival preview: Part 1

Over the next few weeks MIMR will select some of the must see acts playing this year’s A Carefully Planned Festival held around the many venues in Manchester’s Northern Quarter (17th-18th October)

The stellar line up this year brings together a varied array of musical talent with many of the bands having featured on the blog over the past year. Stay tuned for some interviews from some of these acts on MIMR very soon. Heres the first 5 bands that MIMR recommend you go and check out

Young Mountains

This Math-Rock trio from Manchester have had the honour of being one of the 1st bands to play MIMR Sunday Sessions and now can unleash they’re talents to many more at ACP later this month. After a time away from the scene they now return with they’re sharp, pulsating sound, dont let them pass you by

Where: Saturday 18.25 Texture



MIMR has featured many excellent bands from North Wales over the last year with DIY quartet Mowbird from Wrexham being up near the top of the tree with their superb Lo-Fi, Alternative tunes. Their 2014 record ‘Islander’ is a essential listen and with new material on the horizion their set at ACP will be one of the highlights of the weekend, dont miss these guys!

Where: Sunday 17.15 Soup Kitchen


Best Friends

Sheffield foursome Best Friends have had a pretty big year with plenty of gigs and the release of their debut record ‘Hot, Reckless. Totally Insane’ which has gained a host of postive reviews. Their chaotic live performance is sure stir the crowd into a frenzy at ACP, if you like you garage rock then they’re wont be many better bands than Best Friends over the weekend

Where: Saturday 20.00 Soup Kitchen


False Advertising

Now if you follow the blog over the last month it would of been hard not to catch this next band. Grunge/Rock trio False Advertising have been one of the brightest lights on the manchester scene this year and have already accomplished a lot, including their excellent debut record which has made more than a few heads turn. Their set at ACP will be a blistering ride and one of the most anticpated of the entire weekend, check it!

Where: Sunday 20.30 Mint Lounge



Liines are a all-female trio from Manchester and this is they’re 1st appearance on MIMR but it certainly wont be their last. Alternative, Post-Punk tones and capitivating energy of this threesome is something special and it all bodes well for a storming set at ACP in a few weeks, get on it people!

Where: Sunday 20.15 Texture


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