MIMR Band Chat: False Advertising

The return of MIMR Band Chat brings you one of the hottest bands on the blog at the moment False Advertising MIMR featured band for September.

They have gathered many plaudits and very good reviews for their recently released debut album and their blistering live shows have won over many new followers

I spoke to the trio once again on MIMR, they revealed their response to the album, memorable gigs and their future plans


MIMR: Very warm welcome back to MIMR to False Advertising, you’ve been very busy since we last spoke and now you have a debut album to show for it. How has the recepetion been for the album on the whole and are you pleased with how it turned out?

Chris: Overall, it’s been very rewarding hearing people’s opinions on it – even the opinions that haven’t been quite so glowing. You can’t knock someone’s point of view if they can justify it.

Jen: You say that Chris, but we’ve been overwhelmed by great reviews for the album since we put it out, which is nice – we even got a higher score than Foals someplace. The best thing about it though it is just the fact that it’s finally out there for people to discover. It’s been enlightening in various ways.

Josh: I suppose we’re also really interested to see how the dynamic changes at our shows from now on now the familiarity is there. We’re eager to get playing these next few shows to show the live element of the album properly.


MIMR: Since you started giging has their been one gig in particular which stood out as being memorable for the band?

Jen: I think we all agree that Academy 3 last weekend was the best, things just felt more real. Every gig we do, I seem to enjoy a little bit more than the last.

Chris: We played Liquor in Lincoln a couple of months ago which was nuts. Not only were we playing with some excellent bands (check out Blind Wives and Mothers when you get a chance), but there was a dangerous amount of unsupervised crowd-surfing. At one point someone kicked a light off the ceiling and we suddenly remembered we were all adults. So much fun.

Josh: Aside from this weekend, playing Night and Day with Darma recently drew a great crowd – everyone there was having a sick time, shows like that really cement why we do this.


MIMR: This might be premature to ask but has the band already thought about the next release and how False Advertising will evolve in the future?

Chris: We’ve actually already started to plan our next release touring plans for next year, we certainly don’t want to wait too long before we get some new material out.

Jen: I currently have a hard-drive full of new ideas, but nothing quite ready to reveal just yet. I’m excited to start demoing again, we’re certainly ready and in a great position to build on the success of this one and make a better album next time around.

Chris: Our best work is most definitely ahead of us.


MIMR: Must be pretty cool seeing the album on such sites as Spotify and itunes, can people still get hold of a physical copy of your album?

Jen: At the moment we only have about six cassette versions of the album left, which we’re saving for our show at Deaf Institute this Friday – so coming to see us play is actually the only way you can get a physical copy right now. We are looking to get some CD versions made soon which will be less of a limited edition thing.

Josh: A re-release on vinyl at some point in the future would be our preferred format though, of course.

Chris: Yeah, I mean we ain’t the richest band, we all work full time and back ourselves financially. So putting the album out on cassette made more sense to us from that perspective. In these early days, every sale, listen or word of support means a heck of a lot to us.


MIMR: What other releases of the last few months have you guys bought or listened to that you would recommend to MIMR followers?

Jen: The new Girl Band album is amazing. Also been listening to Urth by Kagoule a lot.

Chris: Anything from Manc band Flesh, they crack me up. It’s fully tongue in cheek, yet the music is sick and they’re excellent live. They take two formerly opposing 90’s genres – Britpop and Grunge, and mash them together. Fucking genius in my view.

Josh: I’d point you in the direction of Blind Wives – they have a new EP out called Recovery Positions. Also, Creepoid’s Cemetery High-rise Slum is filthy.


MIMR: Thanks once again guys for your time and being on the blog, the album is sounding top notch. Looking forward to seeing you at A Carefully Planned Festival next month. Whats the best bits of playing a festival as a band?

Josh: Cheers for having us. At festivals, the best thing is the fact that people who wouldn’t normally go and see you are there, we’ve picked up a fair few new fans from people checking us out on a whim.

Jen: Agreed, I also like getting to wander around watching all the other bands.

Chris: Yeah, it makes you feel like a part of something


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