MIMR Band Chat: Young Mountains

After a bit of a break MIMR Band Chat returns with Manchester Math-Rock band Young Mountains under the spotlight. They are on the bill for MIMR ‘Sunday Sessions next week as well as a few other dates around Manchester and we look forward to seeing them play and having them on the blog

MIMR talked to the band about their favourite venues and music and what to expect at ‘Sunday Sessions’

MIMR: Whats the latest with Young Mountains?

Paul: Well we went through a bit of a forced hiatus. I had my jaw broken and subsequently spent a bit of time in hospital. We’re just back to writing now.

My experience in hospital, being surrounded by the stark realities of mortality have definitely influenced our new songs. Generally the new material is darker and more aggressive than the first ep. We’re aiming to make something fairly cathartic. We’ll be heading into the studio in November.

MIMR: How would you describe your sound and what influences do you have?

Rob: My influences sit in the mostly math rock categories, heavily inspired by bands such as TTNG, American Football and Tangled Hair. I’m also into more epic sounding post rock and try to bring that into the mix.

Paul: I agree there’s definitely a Math rock influence to our sound. I’m also really into art rock bands like Wild Beasts and Dutch Uncles. Another influence is early 80’s post punk band the Diagram Brothers. There are a lot of dissonant elements in their music but the songs are still brief, to the point and essentially follow a pop structure. I like the idea of placing experimental influences within the context of a pop song. Also the Great Eskimo Hoax and the Whitest Boy Alive are big influences of mine.

MIMR: What can we expect from one of your live shows

Rob: I like to move about and generally look a bit pretentious. Although some of the music is proving a bit too taxing to be able to fit in lunges alongside playing.

Paul: You can expect to see three guys playing with a lot of passion. I try and channel the frustrations of the daily grind into that half an hour on stage and on a good night that comes across as an energetic and cathartic performance. We don’t have any gimmicks we rely on the songs.

MIMR: Looking forward to seein you at ‘Sunday Sessions’ in few weeks, what’s been your favourite venue that you have played?

Paul: I don’t know if I could just name one. Some of my favourite venues are Fuel café, the Deaf Institute, Gullivers and the Castle.

MIMR: What music around at the moment do you listen to?

Paul: I really like the new Phantom Band album, it’s a nice mix of electronics and live instruments. Also Tune Yards, Perfume Genius and Little Dragon. As for local artists, I’m into Sweet Deals on Surgery, Playacting, Ill, Ten Mouth Electron and O <L <A.

Rob: As for music around at the mo…. Alpha Male Tea Party, Maybeshewill, Tangled Hair, Baths…

Thanks to Paul and Rob from Young Mountains for talking to MIMR, here is where you can catch them in the next months



MIMR ‘Sunday Sessions’ @The Oxford 27th September

ACP Festival @Texture 17th October

@Mono, Chorlton 19th November

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