MIMR Album Review: False Advertising


False Advertising

Release Date: 4th September

Rating: ********* ( 9 out of 10)

MIMR has experienced a plethora of amazing new music already this year, many of these acts hailing from the bubbling musical hotpot of Manchester but not many have hit the heights that the trio of Josh, Chris and Jen aka False Advertising. Their careful, methodical planned debut record is certainly up there as one of MIMR most anticipated releases since the blog started last year.


The noise-pop threesome, having only played their debut gig back in April, have already achieved a mature and established sound unrivalled by many of their peers, proving their DIY methods have been spot on and now they can fully enjoy the fruits of their hard work


The album opener ‘Breaker rips into action with gritty guitars and crisp vocals with a sound harbouring back to a time where grunge music ruled the roost. Its these nostalgic bursts that realy make the album a heart-stopping, pulsating listen. The first taste of the fierce vocal interaction between Jen and Chris comes in next track ‘Another Mention’ which signifies their enhanced songwriting relationship and creativity.


The three previously released tracks are next to grace the album, ‘Wasted Away’ with its hard hitting chorus, crashing symbols and striking riffs, ‘Dozer‘ raw and chaotic guitars and powerful vocals (MIMR live favourite) and ‘I Don’t Know’ with Chris taking over the reins as lead with great effect, haunting basslines and more great vocal combos are unleashed here.


‘All Of Above’ shows off elements of False Advertising softer sight with Jen’s vocals leaping around with ease from delicate to more explosive in a blink of a eye. Chris is back in control with firstly ‘Cold Shoulder’ with its electrifying fuzz and atmospheric beats and secondly on one of MIMR stand out tracks ‘No Good’ which only confirms FA knack to make some bloody good music, a track to certainly lose yourself to.


The final 3 tracks cement how the grunge trio have captivated their sound to such a high standard and theres certainly no rest from their pleasing onslaught. ‘Only Way’ has more powerful vocals and driving, punchy guitars that has the power to make you wanting more. Racing along comes ‘Finish Line’ with its brooding basslines and uplifting riffs, another successful venture into what False Advertising are all about


Album closer ‘Something Better’ does not serve as a gentle conclusion to the record but a thrilling collection of all that is good about the trio and a great, spine-tingling climax to the FA experience. If this is just the start of FA journey then its the perfect way to begin and mark my words MIMR will be at the front of the ride – seat belt advised for sure.


False Advertising are MIMR featured band for September, stay tuned to the blog over the rest of this month for a special interview with the band and live review with plenty of pics from their blistering live show, not to be missed!

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