MIMR Band Chat: Two Cheers

Recently MIMR featured band and friends of the blog Two Cheers are a band on the up with their recently released 2nd album ‘Splendor’ breezing through into peoples lives and MIMR has already made it one of the must listen to records of this year so far

Delighted to have them back on Band Chat too and in this time we discussed the new record, favourite foods and much more

MIMR: Welcome back to MIMR Two Cheers, thrilled to have you guys as my featured band this month, hows life been treating you?

TC: First of all, thanks so much for featuring us! It means a lot to us. You’ve been behind us longer than anyone. Life is treating us well, though there are a lot of changes happening lately.


MIMR: So this month brings us the new album ‘Splendor’ tell us all about how this album came to exist, the creative process taken and if any changes in approach were made compared to the last record?

TC: We wrote this album in a completely different way. For the last album, I basically wrote the lyrics first, then came up with the melodies, chords, and arrangements, then we created some elaborate beats for them to kind of bring them to life. This time, we started with the beats. We’d take a beat and improvise the melodies, chords, and arrangements on the spot. Lastly, I came up with rough vocal lines, and then finally wrote the lyrics! I really liked doing it that way because it felt a little more natural and more spontaneous. These songs have something the old ones don’t, and vice versa, and the different methods we took to make them have a lot to do with it. The process that I use to create my music is really the most important instrument, because it has a very subtle but fundamental impact on the way the songs touch people.


MIMR: Do you have any summer shows planned and how will it feel to showcase the album at live shows?

TC: Well, we’ve been playing most of these songs in LA for the past year or so, because we actually wrote them last year. They are all really fun to play live. They seem to gel really well. There is a lot room for embellishment and taking the songs in different directions.

Also, I just relocated the band from L.A. to Detroit, so I am in the process of finding a few musicians to fill out the band here. Because of the move I’ve had to take a short break from playing shows, but I am hoping within a month to be ready to get back to gigging. I can’t wait!


MIMR: There seems to be a lot  of positive reviews and comments around your new material and rightly so i say, does it feel like theres greater momentum behind the band currently and more doors opening for you guys?

TC: I hope so. It has definitely given us more confidence and encouraged us a lot. But I think we have a lot more shows to play and a lot of legwork to do before we can expect to connect with people. I think that is what will open more doors. I’m always very measured when it comes to accepting praise, because I have my own expectations to meet before I’m satisfied! But I love the album we made, and I am glad there are people out there digging it.

MIMR: Can you guys recommend any other bands that MIMR should check out?

TC: Well, I don’t feel like I can fairly answer this! There are so many.


MIMR: Great to catch up with you guys once again and wish you all the best with the new record, MIMR are right behind you, manchester is calling you too, whats your favourite type of food? MIMR will take you out for food and cocktails someday

TC: I keep telling everyone I am going to make it to the UK in the Winter of 2015 or Spring of 2016 at the latest, even if I have to come and just busk it. I’ve been told by numerous people that our band would go over really well there. I have to get back on my feet here first, and then I will take a trip out there. First stop, Manchester!

My favorite is Chinese food, but when I visit a new place I like try the best local food. I’m not sure what kind of food Manchester is famous for, but that’s what I want to eat when I am there.  And maybe we can go down to “Curry Mile”. Oh, and I am sure there are some breweries to visited as well. How about some “bangers and mash”? The good news is, when I come to visit, I am staying at your house so we’ll have plenty time to explore! Haha! (Not joking! I’m poor.)

Best place to keep up with all things Two Cheers is here:


or here:


Listen to ‘Splendor’ here, its excellent!:


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